Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week #100: Miguel Alemán 1.2 - XV - Week 14

This past week and half has been good. We had the great blessing of having Elder Paul B. Pieper of the Seventy, First Counselor in the México Area Presidency coming to our mission to give us some special conferences. I have had the great blessing during my mission to hear from many General Authorites (forgive the name-dropping, haha), such as Elder Wilford W. Anderson of the Seventy, Elder Daniel L. Johnson of the Seventy, Elder Tad R. Callister then of the Seventy, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (twice - once in the MTC, and once here) and Elder Quentin L. Cook, but personally this conference was really edifying for me, in ways more so than these other visits. It was really great. Perhaps because it was a closer setting (we were a few Zones together instead of almost the whole mission), the way he taught (walking close to where we were at, using the whiteboard, asking for responses and participation), and the fact that I`m older, but whatever it was, the Spirit was good and I loved it.

One of the things he talked to us about was the Priesthood, and its relation to men and women. This is a topic that is very public these days, many people learning more about how the Priesthood works and is organized. Something that he said was cool. He said that receiving the Priesthood was a covenant extra that the Lord requires of men, and not of women. He requires this extra commitment. That was a cool thought / insight.

Another insight that I loved was during the section he gave us of questions. Somebody asked how we could work better with the members as missionaries, and he taught us what we need to do. We need to change our way of thinking. We want them to do things our way, and they want us to do things the way that they expect. What we need to do is found in Doctrine and Covenants 41:2-3, and I applied it to all types of decisions in life. The scripture instructs us to unite, come to an accord on the word (this could be reading the scriptures, teachings, etc), pray with faith, and then receiving the guidance we need. If we have an important decision in our family life, or in anything, we should unite, study and meditate, pray, and recieve. Then, we must act on what we receive. I liked this a lot, and have been able to think about it more these past few days.

We also talked about Doctrine and Covenants 20:37, which has the requirements for baptism. Elder Pieper talked about them being requirements for the Sacrament too, and that was kind of cool. I think. It was good.

Another insight was to have investigators guide their own conversion - instead of just teaching and throwing them all of the answers, we need to give them assignments, so that they can find their own answers. I like this too, and it will be good for the future when I`m older. It`s something that I need to improve as well, finding my own answers. It was a good conference for sure. I was able to say my personal goodbye to Elder Carbajal, and I got a photo with him and Elder Pasapera. It was nice.

I was able to go on intercambios with Elder Aguila to his area, and it was really good. We were able to have some good lessons, and even surpass some of the daily goals for the work. It was a good day, and I also had an interview with an investigator of Elder Aguila`s area. I had a doubt for a moment, but Elder Aguila helped me out. Their investigator is set for baptism on Sunday.

The Temple was pretty good. Today we`re going to eat pizza and some kind of acitivity as a Zone. Hopefully it`s fun. Just in case, I might bring my journal to get a bit caught up, haha. I also had a good experience last night sharing some scriptures with my companion in a moment of trial for him. It was good, and I was glad to be able to be guided by the Spirit in this.

I testify that Jesus Christ lives. I know that He loves us, and has great mercies that He gives us. I know that Heavenly Father also loves us and cares for us. They understand what we go through. Christ suffered so much more than we can ever suffer, but even so, what little we may come to suffer is important to Him because it is important to us. This is something similar to what President Bird told me once in an interview. I know that Christ lives, and that He loves us. Let us read the scripture to know His words. Let us prepare for General Conference in just 2 1/2 weeks. Let us prepare to be taught.

Have a great week! The work keeps moving forward! I love you all!

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