Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Week #94: Miguel Alemán 1.2 - XVI - Week 8

I´ve got quite a few letters now, don´t I? Things have been going pretty good overall this week, with lessons and contacts, and progress, etc. I´ve only got a few things to write about, so I´ll get right on to it.

To start off, this week we were able to reach 102 contacts! It was pretty great, we put forth a lot of effort during the week to reach the goal, and we were able to surpass the 101 contacts goal that the Zone has. It was pretty great. Three of the four areas in the District reached the goal, which was cool. It was nice to see some success in that aspect of the work. We were also able to work with some members of the work and have lessons, which was nice.

In a couple of weeks we should be having a baptism. Aneth is getting really close now, and her date is set for the 17th of this month (the day that I complete 22 months in the field!) and she´s right on track for it. We only have a few more things left to talk about with her, the interview, and voila! It´ll be great to have a baptism again. The Lord truly blessed us with being able to find and start teaching Aneth. We found her weeks ago after being pretty consistent with contacting in the street. The Lord rewarded our efforts and desires with the opportunity to find and teach her. It´s been good.

One of the best experiences this week was when an Hermana in the ward chewed us and the Sister Missionaries out after the food. We´ve gotten into this bad habit of spending the food time mostly to chat amongst ourselves, not really involving the sisters who give us the food, etc. It was a great eye-opener, because she was right. She told us how she felt with love, and that she still loved and respected us, but she pointed out our fault in this aspect, and she was so right. Since that day we´ve been doing better at involving the Sisters / families in the meal, and it´s been better, more spiritual overall, and it´s just felt better, really. I´m very glad that she had the courage to tell us where we were wrong, and to correct us. Sometimes we just need a call to repentance in our lives. I testify that because of Jesus Christ, we can repent, and we can have hope that everything will be good again. I am grateful for this gift, and the effects and hope it brings into my life.

Well, tomorrow we have our Zone Conference with President and Sister Bird, so that should be good and edifying. I hope to have good experiences there. He´ll probably say something about how old I am in the field, haha. We´ll see. I love you all and wish you all the best! Have a great week!

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