Monday, August 4, 2014

Week #93: Miguel Alemán 1.2 - XVI - Week 7

This week has been pretty good. On Tuesday Elder Smith and I were able to go to the offices to find out the transfers. Elder Quevedo is going to finish the last 6 weeks of an Elder`s training before he goes home, Elder Smith is off to China, Nuevo León (the farthest area in the mission), and I am training one last time. I am pretty happy about that - I like to train, and I like the program that we have here in the field of "The First Twelve Weeks." It`s a good program that helps me a lot when I review it too. That`s one reason why I like training, because I get to go back to the beginning and relearn and remind myself of the important basics of successful missionary work. It`s great.

My companion is Elder Pasapera, who comes from Acapulco, Guerrero, México. He is originally from el D.F. (Mexico City area), but moved to Acapuclo years ago and comes from there to the mission. He is a great missionary with a lot of excitement for the work. He is already a good teacher, and we`re going to do a lot of good and learn a lot together. I am grateful for the blessing to be ending my mission with him as my companion. It`s nice to have a native Spanish speaker again. Don´t get me wrong - it was great to have American companions. However, it is great to be speaking more Spanish again, and I like that a lot. We get along really well, and it`s been good.

Aneth is getting closer and closer to her baptism. We`re getting close to having finished teaching her all of the necessary lessons and topics, and her baptism is now set for August 17th. Her uncle is going to come and baptize her. It should be pretty great, and it will feel nice to have another baptism. The Lord really has prepared her, and it was a "tender mercy" that we were able to find her. We found her dropping by for a different appointment with the friend of her Grandma. While there, we were told that she hasn`t been baptized yet, and we got all excited (at least I did). More updates as things unfold.

Santiago and Ceci have been harder to find, which has been difficulty. Hopefully things work out for them and they still get baptized. Pablo wrote me back this week, and he seems like he`s doing better now, which is great. We`re going to keep in touch, so that they can be hapyp and live the gospel to the fullest.

This week we want to work harder at finding new investigators (at least I do), and we`re going to contact a lot more. It`s something that we`ve been slacking at, and we`ve got to repent and move forward improving constantly. We can do it, and that is our goal this week.

It`s crazy to think about the time I have left in the mission field. I want to make the most of it, and do my best. I want to fix my mistakes and weaknesses, and become the best I can be, do the best that I can do. I need to be my best. I know that with the help of the Lord and His Atonement, I can do it. I`ve been reading in the "War Chapters" in Alma, specifically where Helaman is writing his epistle to Moroni, and it`s been good. I can see from their lives and examples that I need to trust in the Lord, be diligent and obedient, and He will take care of me. I testify that this is true. I bear my testimony that God lives, and loves us. I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves us. The Holy Ghost has helped me know these things. I testify of them.

Have a great week, and I`ll let you all know what`s new next Monday. I love you all!

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