Monday, August 4, 2014

Week #92: Miguel Alemán 1.2 - XV - Week 6

Well, only a few days have gone by since the last time I wrote, but there is of course news to be shared.

Another transfer has come and gone, and this transfer flew by pretty quickly. It doens`t really seem that long ago that I arrived here to the area. So far we`ve been able to find a lot of new investigators, and talk to a lot of people in the streets, but there is still so much left to be done. It`s a good ward and a good area though.

Elder Smith is leaving this transfer, and I am staying. Tomorrow we find out who my new companion will be. I feel like I might probably train again, but we`ll see. Elder Smith could also handle it I feel, but I`m not sure what`s going to happen. Elder Anderson is staying in Tamaulipas, Elder Carbajal is staying in Apodaca, and Elder Quevedo is going somewhere new for his last transfer. So, that`s what`s going on with my companions here in the mission. I wonder what`s going on with Elder Harrop and Elder Medrano. I just sent them quick messages, so we`ll see.

I`ve enjoyed working with Elder Smith. He`s a great missionary, and a hard worker. He and I have gotten along realyl well, and he has had plenty of patience with my quirks. I look forward to meeting my new, and possible last, companion tomorrow.

I took some photos today. I realized that my shoe is falling apart even more than I thought, haha. They`re lasting really well though - I`ve still got the same two pairs I started off with. I recommend them to all future missionaries. Don`t wear a pair out then switch - rather, use both pairs constantly and they`ll last great, and wear mostly equally. It`s advice I was given, and it`s true!

Here`s my study wall / desk area. I decorated it about a week or so ago, and I like it. I switched the framed picture today during my phot shoot to include more people on my wall. I love you all and wish you a great week! I am grateful for all that I have learned in the mission so far, and I am grateful for the time that I have left to continue growing, and that growth will not end when the mission does. Have a great week, and I`ll let you know the transfers next Monday!

P.S. About six letters ago I mentioned that a dog had attacked me and sent photos home. Well, I finally got to sewing up the pants this week. Here`s how they turned out. Good enough.

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