Monday, July 7, 2014

Week #90: Miguel Alemán 1.2 - XV - Week 4

This week was pretty good overall. Let´s see what´s happened so far?

Well, I´ve been doing some cleaning and preparing with my luggage and the stuff that I´ve been carrying around with me. The thing is, when I came to this area, I had two super-stuffed suitcases, a backpack, a side bag, and my scriptures bag all stuffed. Any I had some stuff in a plastic bag too. That is, way too much stuff, way too much bulk. So, I´m thinking ahead and getting things organized and consolidated, leaving things that I don´t need to take with me. I hope to finish that soon... We´ll see. But, in the meantime, the house is a bit of a mess at my fault. We cleaned the Kitchen up though, which is really nice.

We were able to teach quite a few people this week, finding some new investigators of varying potential. Hopefully we can get some of them to progress. We tried to get a lot of people to Church on Sunday, but we ended up with a bunch of them not being there or coming. However, the Lord blessed us and we had a bunch of people there. A less-active family we´ve visited came, and we counted 5 people as investigators for our numbers. It was pretty good.

On Tuesday we had intercambios with Victoria 1.2, and I had Elder Minch here with me. He´s from Arizona. It was a pretty good and fun intercambio, and we talked about lots of different things. We talked about a lot of old shows that we both watched too, and it was fun. Intercambios are pretty good usually.

Next week we´re going to go to the Temple, which should be good. I might buy some stuff from the store too. I´m very grateful that we have to opportunity to go to the Temple in my mission. My testimony and love for the Temple has grown while serving out here, and I plan to continue learning and growing. I´m constantly learning and growing, and needing to be better. We can all grow. I am very grateful for the opportunity that the Lord has given me to be a missionary.

I bear my testimony of the Lord´s love for each and every one of us, and I invite all to take this week to improve their personal prayers. It´s an area where I need to improve, so I´m going to work on that. I love you all and wish you well!

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