Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week #84: Tamaulipas 1.1 - XIV - Week 28

Well, this was a good week overall. We were able to go ice skating on Monday, which was pretty fun. We also had two lessons that day, which was nice. We have an investigator named Juan Manuel, who seems to be progressing well. He has come to Church four times, and we have covered the first three lessons with him, meaning now we just need to cover the Commandments (Lesson 4). We are hopeful with him, and he seems to like a lot what we share. In fact, yesterday we had a lesson with him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and when we talked about the Sacrament he really liked it. He was really impacted. He said, "Wow!" about how the Sacrament renews us each week, renews our baptism. That was a cool lesson for sure.

We worked hard to reach our goal of 100 contacts per week, Elder Anderson and I having 37 contacts yesterday. However, we could focus more on the quality and feeling of our contacts for sure. I talked with President Bird about that today.

I had my interview with President Bird today to renew my Temple Recommend. It was a nice interview. I was able to address some questions and concerns with him, and really just be open. I know that this is best with our Priesthood Leaders, and our friends and family. We need to do our best to be good, and when we need help there are people we can trust, who can help us. I enjoyed the interview - maybe one of if not the best I`ve had with a leader. I appreciate President Bird and how he helps me.

On Saturday we had a baptism. Well, the Sisters had a baptism, but Elder Carbajal and I had taught him while we were together, and he was able to make it to baptism. I felt pretty good having somebody finally make it after so long. Here are some photos of us, and of him and his family.

Well, time is short. I love you all and wish you well! Have a great week! Keep me in your prayers!

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