Thursday, April 3, 2014

Week #76: Tamaulipas 1.1 - XIII - Week 20

This past week and a half has been pretty good. Things are still going well with Elder Anderson and I, but we should be speaking more Spanish. We have gotten a bit better, and I´ve tried to talk more Spanish with him, but we´re still lacking in that department, and I feel / fear it may be affecting my abilities a bit. We´re going to work on it though, this next week we´ll speak a lot more Spanish.

Let´s see, what happened this week and a half? We went on intercambios with the Zone Leaders, and it was really cool and really fun to work with Elder Quevedo again. We got along great, had some good lessons, and remembered old times together. I´ve mentioned here multiple times of my plans to try and come back to the mission in May or June of 2016, and Elder Quevedo liked that idea too. So, we´re going to be in touch to coordinate that. We had some great lessons trying to help people attend Church. Overall, it was really good, and it was nice to speak Spanish with him.

What else? Lucía came to Church for a little while on Sunday! That´s her second of the five times! Hopefully she makes it this Sunday to stay well on track for her baptism. I hope to see her baptized soon! She´s awesome, and I want another baptism. It´ll be good stuff.

We had intercambios with Elder Bautista and Elder Redford on Tuesday, and that was pretty good. We had some good lessons. One of them was when we went with a Sister to visit her friend, to start teaching her. We were there teaching Mari, and she wasn´t really understanding a ton. Lo and behold: Hermana Mancha (another hermana in the ward) shows up and is her friend too! She bears her testimony, and it was better. It´s pretty cool how the Lord works sometimes.

So, this weekend is going to be really good. We´re going to watch Conference. We get to watch all of the sessions, which is really nice. Conference is available in Spanish and in English. In Spanish we can watch it here at our chapel, but the English is only at the Stake Center. So, guess what we´re going to do? A "super intercambio" for General Conference. Elder Bautista and I are going to stay here in the ward and watch Conference in Spanish, receiving all of the investigators, etc., while Elder Redford and Elder Anderson go to the Stake Center to watch Spanish. It´s going to be pretty awesome. I look forward to spending a lot of time with my friend Elder Bautista, and speaking Spanish, and watching Conference. It´s going to be awesome.

We´ve found some new investigators, we´ve got people we´re visiting, and life is pretty good. I love you all and wish you well. Enjoy General Conference this weekend! Be sure to pay lots of attention to what is said. These past few days we´ve spent a lot of time focusing on "Follow the Prophet" and helping people "get to know" President Thomas S. Monson. I invite all of you to do the same: get to know him, pay attention to his words, and then act on what he shares with us.

One cool little fact: this year´s statistics of "convert baptisms" include the people I helped teach and baptize! Here´s hoping for people in 2014 too! I love you all and wish you well! Oh, if you could all pray for Lucía, our investigator who seems closeset to baptism. Please pray that she will continue progressing, make it to Church, and feel conversion. Thank you!

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