Monday, March 17, 2014

Week #73: Tamaulipas 1.1 - XII - Week 17

This past week was pretty good overall. We weren´t able to give very good follow-up to some of our investigators, and we saw that reflected in Church Attendance, but we´re going to work at it and improve a lot this week. It´s the last week of the transfer, so we´ve got to work really hard and do the best we can while we´re still here and still together. It´s probable that one of us leaves the area - this time much much more probable, but we´ll have to see what happens next week. I´ll let you know.

This week we did two intercambios with Tamaulipas 1.2, and we also had an activity on Saturday. The intercambios were pretty good overall, and we were able to set some goals and stuff like that. We´ll have to see what happens next week with them too (they´ve already got two transfers together, so we´ll see if they end up with three, or if they split up). It will be very interesting to see what happens.

So, as I said about our activity... a few months ago we planned an activity which would be a type of tour through the Plan of Salvation, with rooms representing the different kingdoms, places, etc. It was something that we talked about for a long time, and we kept post-poning the activity for lack of organization. Well, the day was coming closer and closer, and it seemed that once again it lacked organization and follow-through, so I wasn´t quite sure what was going to happen,

But, we continued on with the activty. We decorated the Telestial Kingdom, and the Spirit World (Paradise and Spirit Prison). The good news is that the ward did a great job and helped us out as planned. The Young Men decorated the Terrestial Kingdom, and the Young Women did a great job decorating the Celestial Kingdom. It was really cool and peaceful in that room, it was like the Temple. That was the best part of the activity.

So, people came, we had the tours, and people seemed to like it. In the end, it worked out great - the Lord saved our activity. We weren´t sure how it was going to turn out, and I brought a Plan B. But, it really did turn out pretty great.

This coming week we´ve got a lot going on. Tomorrow we´ve got Zone Meeting, where the Zone Leaders are going to train us on some new things, and try to help us improve. Then on Thursday we´ve got our Zone Conference, where President and Sister Bird are going to come and train us on stuff too, with more training by the Zone Leaders. Then, Sunday we find out the transfers and if the new area is opening up after all. So, it´ll be interesting.

That´s it for this week. Take care everyone, have a great week, and pray for me please! Thanks so much! Love you all!

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