Monday, February 24, 2014

Week #70: Tamaulipas 1.1 - XII - Week 14

It´s been a short little while since we all last chatted, so I don´t have too much to share that´s new. It was a pretty good end of the week though.

On Friday we had a training meeting where all of the District Leaders got together to be trained, practice, and learn. It was a pretty great experience, I really liked what they were telling us about. I have a lot to learn, but it´s been good so far. We talked about how we need to set an example with our area, our obedience, and our faith. We should be teaching many MANY lessons, and they should be short, direct, and powerful, and frequent. It´s a cool new focus that´s a bit different, that I really like.

Afterwards I was in the offices briefly getting some maps scanned to make a new map for Tamaulipas 1.2, and Arboledas 1.2 too, and I signed Elder Raff´s journal with my "goodbye" to him - he´s wrapping up his misison in FOUR WEEKS. I remember when he was in my first District - he had less than a year in the field. He´s a great person. After that, we left to go back to our area, and we worked.

We were able to have our weekly meeting with Hermano Villasana (the Ward Mission Leader), and we talked a lot about problems and potention problems in our side of the ward with the work, helping members stay active, etc. We talked for like an hour. Then we left for an appointment, and the other Elders started their half of the meeting.

We had a TON of people at Church this week, it was pretty full actually during Sacrament Meeting. We had people who are reactivating themselves, less actives who haven´t come for a while, investigators, and lots of people. It was good. It was nice to have the ward be fuller. Hopefully we can keep on working hard and well with the ward, and help more and more people come, and get some baptisms.

To end our week, we had a lesson in the chapel, where we presented the Sacrament room, and the baptistry. It was cool. Our investigator seemed calm, he talked less than usual, and he said he felt peace. We put a baptismal date goal for April 5th, and he accepted. We´re going to work hard and help him make it to that goal.

As I said about teaching MANY lessons: the Area Presidency wants us to step it up and teach more. They want us to be teaching 40 - 60 lessons a week, and our weekly total this past week was 20 lessons, so there is work to be done. In order to get to this goal of better work, we are going to be teaching the lessons shorter, divided, and more frequently. The ideal would be the following:

- To be baptized an investigator needs to go to Church (Sacrament Meeting) 5 times at least as a rule in Mexico.
- We have 5 weeks, then, to teach the 4 Lessons (The Restoration, The Plan of Salvation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Commandments) before they are baptized. It would be ideal to teach the lessons cut up, like one per week in 3 visits or so, and that they come to Church each week.

It sounds really great in theory, but it´s hard to get it into practice. We´ll get there though. It will be better. In short lessons, they can feel the Spirit quickly, notice the difference when we leave, and progressed little by little. That´s what needs to happen. It will be good.

Well, that´s it for today. I hope you´re all doing great and have an awesome week. Thank you so much for your letters, love, and prayers! Take care!

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