Saturday, February 15, 2014

Week #69: Tamaulipas 1.1 - XII, Week 1

I´ve got some new news for everyone. I learned on Tuesday that I am the new District Leader, and that we changed Zones. We are no longer part of the Zone Humildad, we are part of a new tiny Zone called Conocimiento (Knowledge). The Zone Leaders are my friends Elder Quevedo and Elder Soto. My District is Tamaulipas 1.1 (me and Elder Carbajal), Tamaulipas 1.2 (Elder Bautista and Elder Redford), and Arboledas 1.1 (Elder Aguilar and Elder Harrison). It´s been good so far. In the Zone, I´m one of the old people now. Me, and the Zone Leaders are the only people who served with President Walker in our Zone.

I was able to do some intercambios. First I went with Elder Redford to his area, and we had a pretty good day. I talked too much in the lesson though, so I think we´re going to do another further along in the transfer and I´ll let him teach more. It was a pretty good intercambio.

The next intercambio was this past Tuesday - after my first capacitación (training / lesson that I give), and I went with Elder Aguilar to his area, and it was also pretty good. I obviously need to improve as a District Leader. Good news is that tomorrow there is a meeting for the District Leaders, so that should be able to help me out a lot. Plus, sometime in the near future I´ll have an intercambio with Elder Quevedo (my old friend), and he will help me out too. It should be good.

Things are going pretty well in the area too - we´ve got some investigators who are actually progressing - we had people come to Church. We set some goals and made some plans to help them progress towards baptism, and of course looking for new people, and strengthening the ones who are coming back to Church now. We had some worrysome moments, but I feel calmer now about the reactivation. We´ll see how we can help them all stick around and be strong.

This week I´m not writing until Thursday, because we had a change of P-day this week. Today we went to the Temple. It was pretty good overall. I bought some music at the store in the chapel, and it was good. Here is a photo of my District. They are (from left to right): Elder Redford, Elder Aguilar, Elder Carbajal, myself, Elder Bautista, Elder Harrison. We went out to eat at a buffet today, and after we finish writing we´re going to watch a movie in the chapel. Not sure which movie yet, but we´ll be watching it.

Well, I´m going to end with some personal messages, then I´m off to write President Bird. I love you all and wish you well!

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