Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week #68: Tamaulipas 1.1 - XI - Week 7

This past week was pretty full of events actually, since we finally had some intercambios. That was pretty fun actually, it was good overall. Let´s see how much information I can squeeze into this email.

On Tuesday we did intercambios with the Zone Leaders, and I went to their area with Elder Rivera and Elder Pendleton (his companion went home, so he´s been with the Zone Leaders this transfer). It was a pretty eventful day. We ran a lot actually, to try and make it from one appointment to another. We had a meeting with the Ward Mission Leader, and then we went to approve a new house for the Sisters in the Zone. Bad news was that the owner was late, so we got home pretty late too.

Wednesday morning we continued the intercambio, but Tuesday as we headed home we got a surprise: Elder Pendleton had to go to Immigration in the morning. So, we went to the offices together. That was kind of nice, being able to see my friends in the office for a bit. Elder Rivera and I worked on something called a "Caja Chica," which is where the Zone Leaders put the refunds for the missionaries. I´d worked on them before in the offices, but this was a Zone so it was bigger. It was pretty good.

Thursday was a pretty good day too. We were only able to have one lesson, but we were able to help a less-active hermano destroy some concrete. Years back they had a kitchen counter thing installed. Well, we helped him destroy it. That was fun, but I hurt myself a little bit. It´s healing pretty well now, so that´s good. Then we had English class (we talked about names). We´re still seeing if it´s worth doing... Haha.

Friday we had another intercambio. This time I also left the area, and I went with Elder Nay (a newer Elder) to his area. We had a good day full of lessons and it was nice to teach with him. He´s a good Elder. I liked being able to teach actual lessons more than we have been in our area, and it was a nice break from being the Senior Companion.

Saturday we did some service for some members in our ward, and the other Elders in the Ward came by to help out too. It was longer than we expected, so we lost some teaching time, but it was good overall. I also got my Valentine´s Day Package, so that´s good. I´ve already read the card, but I´m waiting until the 14th to dive into the treats and stuff.

Sunday I taught about Repentance, then about the First Vision. It was a pretty good day at Church. We tried to find some people, and met a new investigator too, so that was a good thing. We´ve got hope that he can progress. To finish the day, we went with the Obispo (Bishop) and his family to get to know them a bit better, since we´ve got 12 weeks and we´ve never visited them that way. It was good.

So, things are going pretty well. The ward has a Ward Mission Plan, goals, and we´re doing alright so far on those goals. We haven´t had any baptisms yet, and we won´t until at least March, but we´re working a lot with less-active members too. We´re going to find more investigators, and we´re going to find ones who will progress and be baptized.

Also this week I´ve been keeping myself a bit motivated as I think about August 12th, 2014. That is the programmed day of Pablo and Paty´s sealing. They´re on their way to making it there, and I hope they do. I think it may end up being the best day of my mission when they get sealed. Anyway, here´s hoping for that day in just 6 months. I´ll be really old then.

I guess that´s it for this week. I love you all and wish you well!

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