Monday, January 20, 2014

Week #66: Tamaulipas 1.1 - XI, Week 5

This past week was pretty good overall, with lots of opportunities to learn and grow. My time is actually pretty short, so I´m going to try and squeeze in as much as I can about the good parts of the week.

This week had its hard moments for sure, but it was a good week. On Wednesday we had interviews with President and Sister Bird, which was pretty good and nice. President Bird told us to read about and study Mosiah 2:17, 20-21. The first one is well known by members of the Church - that as we serve others we are serving the Lord. Verses 20-21 talk about how, if we were to give all that we can to the Lord in serving and praising him, we would still never repay the debt we owe to him, but be "unprofitable servants."

We talked about how serving a mission shouldn´t be the "best to years of your life," but rather, "the best two years for your life." They should be years used to help us leran and grow. I thought a bit about a quote, "If you don´t love somebody, you haven´t served them enough," and I related that to the scriptures. The Lord is letting us have the chance to serve Him. We are not repaying Him with our service, nor can we ever repay Him. These two years are a chance for us to learn and grow and change.

Seeing my mission in this light has helped me a bit. Feel happier, and enjoy the experience more. I need to try and refine myself, become better, and enjoy my mission. Life is like a mission too - we should use it as a chance to learn and grow, improving each day. It´s an opportunity: the Lord is letting us be here, giving us life, giving us opportunities. We need to learn and grow. We need to learn how to truly repent for whatever wrongs we do, learn, and become better.

This week we were studying about "Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy" and we read what Preach My Gospel says about this commandment. One thing that stood out to me was the repitition of the word (or variations of the word) that translates as "Worship" or "Adore" related with the Sabbath, and it helped me evaluate myself a bit. I tried to have a more worshipful, grateful attitude this Sunday during Church, and I liked that. I was able to receive some personal insights and inspiration which I need to remember and apply. It was good.

I invite each of you to reflect upon how you view the Sabbath, Church attendance, and everything related to that; when you have reflected, I invite you to set some goals, and do something new. A talk by Elder Don R. Clarke from October 2012 General Conference on the Sacrament is pretty great. I invite each of you to read it this week.

We´re about to head off to an activity. I love you all and wish you well! I chatted with Elder Capiz a bit today, which was pretty good. Take care!

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