Monday, January 13, 2014

Week #65: Tamaulipas 1.1 - XI, Week 4

This past week was pretty good. It was actually pretty full, and a bit tough too. We had quite a few appointments that we couldn´t go to because there wasn´t a man (12 years old or greater) present with us, so we had some appointments fall through, but we were still able to have many lessons this week, and it was a pretty good thing. Elder Hood was pretty happy about that too, actually.

In my personal study of the Book of Mormon, I just finished Omni and Words of Mormon today in Spanish, so now I´m going to be reading and studying the rest of the book. It´s been good to be reading it, and it´s been good to read in Spanish too. I think I want to read the whole Triple Combination before I go home, in Spanish. I need to speed up my reading if I want to do that, but it´s totally possible.

This week has been a bit tough in some aspects, but I have had so many good, spiritual, testimony-affirming experiences in my mission, and life, that I need to just remember and have faith. I´m going to keep praying, and studying, and moving forward. Today as we sang the hymn before the time of Companionship Study, I was actually pretty touched and felt the Spirit there too, so that was another experience, a reminder of what I need to remember. But, don´t worry. Things are going pretty well.

Hmm... What else can I talk about this week? I´ve got plenty of time, but not a whole ton to say. Here´s one new thing: We got a washing machine! These past few weeks we´ve been taking our clothes with us to wash at a sister´s house, or she washed for us, but now we have a washing machine! It feels good to have this, to be "independent" in this sense. It´ll help make our P-days more laid-back and good. Today we lost some time working with that, but in the future it´ll be better.

Today, we´ve just got a laid-back day planned out. After writing here, we´re going to head over to eat, then back to our house to wash our clothes, clean, and relax. It´ll be pretty nice. Maybe I´ll write some letters, read, nap, or who knows. It´ll be good, whatever we do. I like the idea of having some "down time."

Okay, I thought of something else to write about. Yesterday we had Stake Conference, and it was a special transmission from Salt Lake about missionary work with the members, and good stuff like that. Elder Craig C. Christensen of the Seventy directed and spoke in Spanish; Sister Neill F. Marriot of the Young Women´s General Presidency shared her conversion story and how to share the gospel with others (she had a voice-over translation after saying a few sentences in Spanish); Elder D. Todd Christofferson spoke to us about follow four counsels / areas of focus that President Monson has given (in pretty good Spanish too, so that was kind of cool to hear); and Elder Robert D. Hales finished up the meeting (with voiceover). It was pretty good. To start, some local people spoke or bore testimony, and to end we sang a hymn and had a prayer in the Stake Center. It was good.

The transfers are coming up, and we´ll see how things turn out here in Tamaulipas 1.1 - it could be that we stay together for another transfer, it could be that one of us leaves. We don´t know what will happen. It could be that we stay together here, but then it won´t be training. It could be that I train again, or that I leave and train or something. We´ll just have to see what happens. As for the mission, a new Zone will be opening up, so we´ll go from having 7 Zones to having 8 Zones. The work keeps progressing, moving forward.

Well, I guess that´s it for the general letter. Have a great week everyone, and be happy. This Friday I´ve got 15 months since I left on my mission. Time flies! I love you all and wish you well!

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