Monday, January 6, 2014

Week #64: Tamaulipas 1.1 - XI, Week 3

It seems like it was only a few days ago that I wrote... Because it was. So, this is more of a half-week letter. The good news is that the second half of the week was pretty good, and full of stuff, so we´re good to go.

To start off, our English classes went a bit better this week. We had some new faces there, and some of the same ones too. What we should do is bump up our advertising for the classes. We´re going to ask the Bishopric to see if they can always announce the classes, see if we can put a sort of announcement up on the bulletin board, and stuff like that. Hopefully we can get the classes up and running. It was a bit rough this week, since it was our first week together with Elder Redford and I teaching, but it was good and pretty basic.

On Friday we had intercambios (exchanges) and it was pretty good. Elder Carbajal got to stay in the area with Elder Nay, and I got to leave and go to an area that is called Bosques de San Miguel 1.1 with our District Leader Elder Hood. It was a pretty interesting intercambio, and I enjoyed it. We were able to work well together, and we both come from similar pasts (as far as areas go). My first area was his second, and he just left from there (half of my first area, actually). I heard some good news from him.

A long time ago I taught an investigator named Nora. It doesn´t look like I mentioned her in my past letters... oops. But, the point is that she was in my first area. I remember the first time we taught her - it was the first time I felt that I could really, really understand all that was going on. She was very open with us about her struggles, and it was a good lesson. We kept visiting with her, but her husband wasn´t that interested.

Then, I got transfered to the offices. Elder López and Elder Warner (his new companion) kept visiting them, but they didn´t really progress. After two transfers, Elder Hood gets there, sees them like once and they stop visiting them because they weren´t progressing, and her husband flat out said "No." He wasn´t going to stop her from continuing, but his lack of interest discouraged her. About 4 transfers later, she shows up to the chapel, and starts going to Church, showing interest, and progressing. Elder Hood was telling me this, and it got me pretty happy.

Imagine my surprise when Elder Hood and I go to a house to see if somebody could go with us to a visit when lo and behold, I see the familia Velazco. They were the first family I ate with in my first ward. They gave us hamburgers (with avacado, cheese, and ham - Monterrey style). They were like my favorite family in the ward, and they were always supportive to us. Well, it was in their house and with them that we taught Nora. We asked about her, and they said that there were going to have a Family Home Evening and that the Elders were going to invite her to be baptized that night! Cool stuff. Planting seeds. I hope to hear that she does get baptized. That´d be awesome. I´ve attached a photo to this email of them.

On Saturday we had a service activity where we shined shoes, contacted people, and gave away Hot Cocoa, and it was pretty fun and a good activity. We´re going to do it again, it appears, sometime in the future. It was good.

We were able to teach some more people, putting our total at 10 people with baptismal dates, but on Sunday it fell down to 4 because they didn´t come to Church. Oh well, we´re going to keep on moving, working, and we´ll try to help them make it to baptism. We also gave away Adrian to the other area, since he "moved" and is now in their area. He might move back to our side, but in the meantime, the Lord wants him with them. We´ll have to wait and see why.

I also got a haircut this morning. And, that´s the second half of this week. I love you all, and wish you well!

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