Friday, January 3, 2014

Week #63: Tamaulipas 1.1 - XI, Week 2

Well, it´s actually been like a week and a half since I wrote. I´m going to take a second to write my personal messages first, then I´ll talk about the week... Okay, done. Here in Mexico, the Christmas tradition is to celebrate on the 24th, staying up all night and sleeping at like 5 in the morning or so. Near our house, there was some Karaoke during the whole night basically. I slept fine, but Elder Carbajal was not so lucky. New Year´s Eve has a similar tradition, so he bought some ear-plugs; but, the neighbors weren´t there / weren´t loud, so it was a pretty normal night.

So, last week I got to talk home for Christmas, and that was a really nice experience. It was nice to talk to my family, just visit, and it was pretty chill. I was the only Gringo in the entire building, so I just sat there and talked in the main room, in the middle of everybody and it was like I was all alone. Haha. It was good stuff. It was nice.

The rest of the day was just going to visit some members, wish them a Merry Christmas, and stuff like that. And, we had a week that was pretty normal after that. Some rain and cold, but it was good.

On the 29th we met four new investigators and got four new baptismal dates. On the 30th we got one more (but he might be in another ward). On the 31st we got 3 more baptismal dates. So, today we have 9 dates. The thing is to help these people read, go to Church, become converted, and make it to baptism. But, it´s been going pretty great for us lately. Tomorrow we´ve got intercambios (exchanges) and Elder Carbajal is staying here in charge. I´m off with the District Leader to his area. Should be a good experience for the both of us.

Today we were able to go the Temple, and that was a pretty great experience overall. I really was able to feel more during the time there, and it was good. I want to go back, but I have to wait until it´s our turn again. Oh well. Things are going pretty great with the Ward Mission Leader too. He´s the Hermano Villasana, and he´s awesome. They are one of my favorite families that I´ve met out here in the mission field.

So, it´s 2014. That means that it´s time for all of us to think about the past, make some goals, and work hard to achieve them. I personally have thought just a BIT about this, and need to take some more time to make some good goals. I invite all of you to think about and make some good goals for the year 2014. It´s definitely going to be a different year for me than any other which I´ve had.

I love you all and wish you well. I´m going to wrap up my time just chatting with my family. Take care and have a great week everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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