Monday, December 16, 2013

Week #61: Tamaulipas 1.1 - X - 5

Well, this was the last week of the transfer. Sure, it was a shorter transfer with weeks, but it was also really short in the sense of how it felt. It has been really fast. It was over a month ago that I wrote my first email from this area, and was struggling and having a hard time and feeling a lot of stress. Time flies, and people change and grow. Now, I feel pretty good in the area, more sure of myself, I´ve seen more miracles, and things are going well.

This past week was full of different events. On Tuesday I had intercambios with Elder Bautista in his area, and it was as pretty laid-back day. It was kind of nice to just go with the flow as the "junior companion" with him there. In the night we had a training with the Relief Society about visiting teaching, and organizing, stuff like that. It was pretty good. We did a practice where we showed them what NOT to do, and it was pretty funny. We said stuff like, "I know we don´t know eachother very well, but Sister Mancha (the President) assigned us to come and visit you" and "Why are you less active?" Stuff like that. It was fun.

Let´s see... The rest of the week? Well, we were able to visit some less-active members, some investigators, and we had our weeky English class. This week we learned the first verses of two Christmas hymns in English. We wrote the words in English first, then in a phonetic English (according to Spanish pronunciation) to help everyone say it well. It was fun. It looked funny too.

This was Silent Night (if I can remember correctly):
Saylent nayt, joli nayt.
Al is calm, al is brayt
Raunt yan verllen* mader end chayld
Joli enfent so tender end mayld,
Slip in jevenly pis. Slip in jevenly pis.

*ll = dge of "judge" more or less. I told them to think like Argentinians with that part.

Phonetically, that´s pretty close to our English. Cool huh?

The rest of the week was pretty normal. This week are the transfers, but I´m staying in my area and I´m staying with Elder Carbajal too. This transfer will be number 11, XI, and will last 7 weeks. Elder Needham is leaving, so we´ll need a new District Leader. We´ll see what happens with me... Who knows?

I guess I´ll wrap up the email for now. Next week is Christmas everyone! I get to talk to my family! Yay! It´ll be good. I might cry. We´ll see what happens. Also, PS - tomorrow I have 14 months in the field. Bye!

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