Monday, December 16, 2013

Week #61: Tamaulipas 1.1 - X - 5

Well, this was the last week of the transfer. Sure, it was a shorter transfer with weeks, but it was also really short in the sense of how it felt. It has been really fast. It was over a month ago that I wrote my first email from this area, and was struggling and having a hard time and feeling a lot of stress. Time flies, and people change and grow. Now, I feel pretty good in the area, more sure of myself, I´ve seen more miracles, and things are going well.

This past week was full of different events. On Tuesday I had intercambios with Elder Bautista in his area, and it was as pretty laid-back day. It was kind of nice to just go with the flow as the "junior companion" with him there. In the night we had a training with the Relief Society about visiting teaching, and organizing, stuff like that. It was pretty good. We did a practice where we showed them what NOT to do, and it was pretty funny. We said stuff like, "I know we don´t know eachother very well, but Sister Mancha (the President) assigned us to come and visit you" and "Why are you less active?" Stuff like that. It was fun.

Let´s see... The rest of the week? Well, we were able to visit some less-active members, some investigators, and we had our weeky English class. This week we learned the first verses of two Christmas hymns in English. We wrote the words in English first, then in a phonetic English (according to Spanish pronunciation) to help everyone say it well. It was fun. It looked funny too.

This was Silent Night (if I can remember correctly):
Saylent nayt, joli nayt.
Al is calm, al is brayt
Raunt yan verllen* mader end chayld
Joli enfent so tender end mayld,
Slip in jevenly pis. Slip in jevenly pis.

*ll = dge of "judge" more or less. I told them to think like Argentinians with that part.

Phonetically, that´s pretty close to our English. Cool huh?

The rest of the week was pretty normal. This week are the transfers, but I´m staying in my area and I´m staying with Elder Carbajal too. This transfer will be number 11, XI, and will last 7 weeks. Elder Needham is leaving, so we´ll need a new District Leader. We´ll see what happens with me... Who knows?

I guess I´ll wrap up the email for now. Next week is Christmas everyone! I get to talk to my family! Yay! It´ll be good. I might cry. We´ll see what happens. Also, PS - tomorrow I have 14 months in the field. Bye!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Week #60: Tamaulipas 1.1 - X - 4

This past week has been pretty laid-back overall. It´s been more calm than the week before. There are just a few highlights that I´d like to touch in the week:

On Tuesday we had our Zone Conference, and I was only expecting it to go from about 9:00 - MAYBE 3:00, but we left there at about 6:30pm. It was pretty long, but it was good too. A lot of what President Bird talked about were things that were needed. Things that I needed, and things to help my companion out too. It was a good meeting, and I liked it. Took some good notes, and we´ve already been able to apply some of the stuff we learned there.

On Thursday we had a film activity where we watched The Testaments. It was hardly attended, but we had investigators. They all seemed to really like it, and it piqued their interest. One said, "I really liked it, but I don´t know anything about the Book of Mormon!" We´ve since visited him and he now has a baptismal date, and he came to Church on Sunday.

On Friday we did exchanges with the Zone Leaders, and I was with Elder Cayetano (my amigo). He was the Executive Secretary before Elder Capiz. We basically had fun chatting and being together. He´s wrapping up his mission next Wednesday. He´s a pretty fun person. Together, we visited Adrian y Mireya (the contacts from a few weeks ago, and those who went to the Temple activity) and they accepted baptismal dates for January. The next day we visited Javier and Maria Eloísa in the morning, and they also accepted baptismal dates. So, that´s good stuff.

It´s gotten a bit cold here. Hmm... Next week are the transfers, and I´m pretty positive I´ll be staying here. Christmas is in a few weeks now! Crazy stuff. That´s it for this letter. I love you all!

P.S. the "X" is because I´m currently in "Transfer 10". If I count the MTC as one transfer.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Week #59: Tamaulipas -3

What can I say? This past week was a crazy week. Super crazy and full of stuff. Our excursion on Monday ended up with a bunch of us missionaries being in trouble, and getting corrected for it. It was a good learning experience, but of course it always feels bad to be corrected - to have done something wrong. We overstayed our time at the mall, and President corrected the problem. This week I´ve been able to have good repentance experiences. I´ve felt bad for my mistakes and I´ve been able to be more determined to be good, to continue on, and to make the best of the time that I´ve got in the miss

ion still. This week was full of so many different emotions. Thursday we went to the Thanksgiving with President and Hermana Bird. It was pretty good and fun, but it also made me miss home a bit.

We ate Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, rolls with honey butter, Marineli Cider, and Pumpkin Pie. It was tastey. I did like having that food on that day. The rolls weren´t as good as Mom´s rolls though! Ah... Home.

Friday we did intercambios (exchanges) and I got to stay in the area and work with Elder Needham. We were guided by the spirit, and were contacting people, when we contacted a woman. She didn´t feel comfortable giving us her address, but gave us a referral to her family. Elder Needham encouraged us to head over right away, so we did. Once there, it was a woman I had already met with Elder Carbajal, but she didn´t give us her address. Wow! So, we taught her and her family (thanks to Elder Needham, I was just going to make an appointment) and three people accepted Baptismal Dates (as a goal). It was awesome. That was the spiritual highlight of the week.

We had a goal as a Zone that each companionship would have 100 contacts. We started out counted instances, but with Elder Needham changed to people contacted. We started Saturday with 47 / 100, and ended the day with 112 / 100. It was crazy - so much contacting. I felt good that we were able to meet our goal. It was awesome. We were ready for the Temple Activity.

Only problem though, was that our investigators who were going to go became busy. Uh oh. We prayed that we might still be able to go to the activity, with some other investigators. It was as the Lord wanted, because we went with Adrian y Mireya (the two new investigators from last Sunday) but it was a bit of a weird experience for us. The Temple was super crowded, and they couldn´t hear the guides. We ended up explaing to them ourselves afterwards, and we kind of saved the night. Some awesome members - La Familia Villasana - took us. He´s the ward mission leader. It was good overall, and the Lord truly blessed us.

There´s more to this week, but I´m going to wrap up. After the mission we can chat more about everything. I love you all and wish you well!

Love, Elder Izak Thomas Erekson

P.S. Oh yeah! I got to see Elder Harrop (my MTC companion) for the first time since December 17th, 2012. It was pretty great. We´ve emailed a bit, but we haven´t seen eachother until yesterday. I got to see Nahum too. It was nice. The Lord truly blessed me.