Monday, November 11, 2013

Week #56: Guadalupe (La Oficina) - 12 / The Offices - Week 36

Well, here I am... writing a letter to all of you one last time from the offices (at least that´s what it appears at this moment). I decided to go ahead and add a double title to this email, just to help add some perspective on my time in the offices. The time has finally come to head out.

It´s been a really good time for me here in the offices. I´ve had lots of fun, lots of great experiences, and met lots of great people. Last night we spent some time playing games and hanging out one last time before I head out, and that was pretty fun.

Things are going to be very different.

In the mission, transfers are a closely guarded secret. Once upon a time, everyone found out their transfers Sunday night (the Secretaries found out Sunday about 2:00), but with President Bird that has changed. Sunday night, the Zone Leaders pass the information to the District Leaders, and they tell the missionaries something along these lines: "Elder X is staying in the area. Elder Y is leaving. Pack your bags." Then, they pack their bags. Come Tuesday morning, at around 8:30 there is a meeting where the Assistants announce the transfers by area, and companionship. The offices are on the same grounds as a Stake Center, so the missionaries meet in the Chapel for this "Transfers Meeting." It´s pretty cool. I still haven´t had one where I was surprised, so this may be my first.

I say it may be my first since I don´t know if I´ll be there for it. You see, I´m accompanying an Elder to the Hospital so that he can get some testing done. It´s an overnight thing, and we´re heading in today. So, I don´t know what exactly we´re going to work out, but it could be that I don´t get to go to the meeting. It´s all good though. We´ll have a lot of down time. Maybe I´ll read, sleep, write converts and family and friends, or something. So, that´ll be good too. Plus, I´ve never been to the Hospital here, so that´ll be a first for me.

This past week we hardly worked our area, since we were so busy in the offices. Also, an Elder is going home for medical issues, but we really hope he´ll be coming back in not too long once he´s been taken care of. I worked a bit with him in our area one night, and yesterday we worked a bit. Other than that, we haven´t spent much time in our area. I said goodbye to Nahum last night. He´s a great friend; he´s a real inspiration and he´s got such a big heart and testimony. We´ll definitely keep in contact.

Elder Quevedo and I had some good times together for sure. I was able to learn a lot of things from him, and grow as a person and Disciple of Jesus Christ. I made some changes that were needed, and I feel pretty good. I´ve felt pretty calm thinking about these transfers. Who knows where I´m going, but I´ve felt good. New horizons and new adventures are heading my way. Life keeps going.

This has been a large chapter in my mission, but it´s time to move on to a new chapter. Of course there are things that I will miss, but there are things that it will be nice to get away from too. I won´t have thoughts or time spent on office things anymore - I´ll be more focused on my area, the work, and my investigators. I´ll be spending a lot more time walking and working, but that´s a good thing and I´ll get used to working "full time" again. A change of scenery is a good thing, and so is a change of companion (at least in the mission). Coming back to the offices will be weird though, since it was once my area. It´s basically been normal since even though I switched areas, I´ve still been coming to the offices almost every day. But, from now on coming to the offices will be different. Like a flashback, but totally different.

Well, I guess that´s it for now. In a week I´ll let you all know where I am, what I´m doing, and whom I am with. It´ll be a new adventure for sure. I bear my testimony that everything is in the Lord´s hands. He will put me where He needs me, and where I need to be. My companion will be who I need, and I will be who he needs. The Lord loves each and every one of us, and it´s up to us to recognize His blessings and love, His corrections and instructions, and His will and designs. May we all search for these things in our lives always.

I love you all, and wish you well. Have a great week!

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