Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week #55: Guadalupe (La Oficina) - 11

Things are going well for me here in Mexico. This week we had a bit of a harder time finding people, and we ended up teaching a whole lot more lesson of "retention" than we did to investigators, so that´s alright.

Hmm. Yeah, I´m not sure exactly what else to write. Got it.

The Lord is always watching over us, and directing things for our blessing and care. On Thursday after writing, we ended up without money. Elder Quevedo had been paying for the both of us as I waited to recieve my card, so that I could have money and pay him back. Just that evening, guess what showed up? My new card! We were able to go to the bank, get some cash, I paid my companion back, and all is well. The Lord really gave us a "tender mercy" that night. He is always there to bless us, but sometimes we fail to recognize the small and subtle blessings which He gives us.

Speaking of which, yesterday I read Elder Bednar´s talk "The Windows of Heaven" and it had a lot of good stuff that I was able to apply to myself and being a missionary. He talks about receiving a greater capacity to recognize blessings; a great capacity to endure; and other great things like that. It was a talk chosen by my sister for Family Home Evening study a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to studying it. It was a pretty good experience. I´l lbe reviewing and reading the talks from this Conference.

This week I taught Elder Quevedo a little bit of German. There is a sister in our ward who knows some, and he wanted to be able to say something to her in German. So, I taught him to say "Guten Tag Schwester. Wie Gehts?" German has been coming back to me, which is both cool and a waste of my time a bit. I´m here in Mexico, serving in Spanish, and I need to focus on that. But, it´s kind of cool to remember stuff. When I get back I´ll maybe look more into German and other languages, but for now: Spanish.

I feel more conversational this week. It´s kind of nice to be able to chat with people in "live time."

Love, Elder Erekson

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