Monday, October 14, 2013

Week #52: Guadalupe (La Oficina) - 8

As I write you all I´m starting to feel a bit better. I´ve been a bit sick for like two weeks now, and Sister Bird told us to go and buy some pills (Elder Quevedo has been sick too), and I took one this morning. The problem is, I took it on a basically empty stomach. Oops. Just before we went out to eat, my stomach started hurting me a ton. When we went out to eat, it hurt. It´s been killing me, but right now it feels better. Still not totally 100%, but it´s better.

So, on to more important things... This week we had some issues getting out and working well in our area. We were pretty busy with office stuff, and we definitely lost some time that we should have used better. But, the Lord still poured out many blessings on us.

A few weeks ago Elder Maxwell told us about a house that he learned about on his street (that´s an area right next to our area, and he was my old District Leader until this latest transfer when he finished his two years). Elder Quevedo and I ended up going there and checking it out, and meeting with the representative of the owner, and we really, really wanted this house. We kept going to talk about this detail, or that, with him and we ended up having to ask President about it.

Instead of having a boiler it has an electric heater on the shower head, which wasn´t acceptable with Presidente Walker. We talked to President Bird about it, and he was funny. He told us: "Well, you´ll just have to look for another house. You have 20 minutes to find a different house, and if you can´t, you´ll just have to go ahead with this one." So, we ended up getting this one. It is SUPER nice. It came with furniture, Air Conditioning, and it´s just a great, clean, nice little house. It´s awesome. The Lord really blessed us with this house. I´ll load up some photos of it.

Yesterday Rocío was baptized by Elder Mills. It was a pretty cool experience to come back to Laureles and see old people again. Last week I got to see Pablo and Paty, I´m not sure if I mentioned that last week... Maybe it was this very past week. I´m not sure right now. It was pretty nice to see them though. It was nice to see Rocío too. Lots of missionaries were there yesterday. The Assistants, Elder Ramírez and his companion (it was nice to see Elder Ramírez), Elder Mills and Elder Miller, and Elder Quevedo and I. I got to give a little talk about the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Rocío seemed to appreciate it. She was all tears and happy to be taking this step. It was a pretty cool day. So, Elder Ramírez and I were able to see her make it to baptism. I´ll have to send photos next week of her baptism.

The Lord also blessed us by letting us find some new investigators last night. Our week was pretty awful as far as getting out and working is concerned, including on Sunday. We went looking for some new investigators with Nahum (who isn´t leaving on his mission just yet for medical reasons) and we were looking for one "Rubén." On our way to that house, Elder Quevedo stopped by the house of an old referral that we didn´t find and stopped looking for a while back.

He stopped and was like, "Why am I here?" Nahum said, "Just go ahead" or something like that, to encourage us. So, we went ahead and knocked on the gate. A man came out of the house and we started to talk to him. We asked for his wife, and he told us that she wasn´t there. We started to contact him, and I was in the middle of talking to him, and I said something like, "...and we´ve love to share this message with you and your family." I stopped there, without adding anything like, "When can we...?" He told us he was alone, and that he was very "preguntón" (prone to ask lots of questions), and we went in. We went ahead and started teaching the First Lesson, "The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

We kept it going and under control, and then his family showed up. We started to share a bit with them, and finished up the lesson. He and his wife and their two kids accepted to be baptized, as long as they receive an answer from the Lord that it´s true. They have a goal for the 7th of December. He actually asked us, "Why so far away?" and we explained about how there needs to be preparation, etc. They seem pretty good and hopefully they progress. It was really an inspired contact, talking to him and teaching him. It was a great way to end our week, and the Lord really blessed us.

Today I got a new haircut, and it looks pretty good. I´ve been needing one. I´ll be sure to take a nice photo in my new suit and with my haircut on Thursday to commemorate my 1-year mark. It´s been a good year. I feel pretty good about where I´ve gotten so far, but there´s still a lot to improve. It´s nice to be getting along, and it´s nice to have more time to get more out of my mission. I think maybe next week I´ll try and spend more time reflecting in my letter on the year I´ve had in the mission field. It´s been pretty good, and looking back it has definitely gone by fast.

I think we might go to a Zone activity sometime soon. I´m going to wrap up the general email. I love you all and hope you have a great week. Take care, and enjoy every moment of your lives. Remember the Lord and His love for each of you. Pray to Him for help and strength. Read the scriptures. Write the important parts of your life. Write the little things.

Nice choice on the Elder Dube talk for our Family Home Evening. I´m at a point like he was in the story. I need to keep focused on looking forward and working well. Thank you for all of the support you´ve all given me this year and in my entire life. I love you all!

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