Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week #51: Guadalupe (La Oficina) - 7

This was a pretty crazy week. I already wrote about what happened during the transfers, since last week I got to write on Wednesday instead of Monday, so I´ve got like half of the week already written.

The rest of the week was not eventful. We were super occupied with stuff in the offices and other things like that. Some news: our mission now has 7 Zones, and the names have changed too. Before, we had 6 Zones. They´ve changed from the names of the stakes (at least in part because they are no longer divided by stakes) to Christlike Attributes. The zones changed as follows:

Andalucia = Templanza (Temperance) Los Ángeles = Diligencia (Diligence) Apodaca = Obediencia (Obedience) Libertad = Esperanza (Hope) Moderna = Paciencia (Patience) Paraíso = Caridad (Chartiy)

and the new Zone is called Humildad (Humility). So, it´ll take a little tiny bit to get it all registered in mind, but it´ll be good. I like it. The rest of my email will be more decicated to the other big event from this week: General Conference.

I was able to see each session of Conference, but in Spanish. It really is a miracle and a blessing that the Spanish-speaking people of the world can hear conference in their own tongue (even fulfilling prophecies) but it´s really more of a second-rate version of Conference. I´ve been able already to hear a few things in English, but this week I´ll be focusing on that (since I have the blessing and opportunity to be in the offices, and able to hear Conference whenever). I´ll give each session a good listen in English this week.

---- One the moments that really stuck out to me was when Elder Holland spoke. He spoke on depression, and overcoming things like that, and as he closed he went a bit more general and spoke of people with disabilities.

He testified with great power of the glorious resurrection that will come to all of us. The translator started to choke on his words and cry, and as he spoke I too was deeply touched. I found myself thinking of my brother Jakob. He is happy, and we are greatly blessed to have him in our family, but the words of Elder Holland, and imagining Jake in the glorious resurrection - perfect, and "free at last," I was pounded by the Spirit and I wept. I imagined him being able to freely converse with me, and I cried.

I had the great blessing this morning to hear him speak in English today before emailing, and I was able to understand his words better. When he got to the part at the end as he testified of the Resurrection, I thought again of Jake and wept again. It really is a great talk, especially that end part for me. The Spirit powerfully hit me both times I listened to it. I love Elder Holland. ----

On Sunday (after Conference) we met some new investigators who seem to be really good prospects. A young man in our ward (named Nahum) is their friend, and he thought of them after the Conference. When we stopped by, the woman (who had just had a baby) accepted to let us come into her home to visit her and share with her. We were just outside though, since the man was taking care of the baby. When we shared the lesson with her, near the end, the man came outside and heard just the end part. She said the closing prayer. After she prayed, we invited her to be baptized for November 23rd, and him as well, and they accepted (at least she really did). She said that she DID feel something, and that since Nahum was such a good friend to them she accepted to let us in. We focused on how the family can be Eternal if we follow the Gospel plan, and she really wants her family to be eternal. It was a good lesson and we´ll see how things go for them. Their names are Sergio and Laura.

I had other moments that were good, that gave me counsels I needed, and it was good. I´ll be studying this session a lot more (as Elder Hales told us). He was looking good, wasn´t he? On his feet again. That was nice. I feel like I got more out of this Conference in ways than the last one. I neglected to review that one well enough, so that was part of the problem. Last Conference, one of my favorites was Sister Ann M. Dibb´s talk. A year ago was great too.

When Elder Dube spoke on looking forward, not backward, I thought a bit about, "Look forward during the second year" or along those lines, since I´m about to hit my 1 year mark as a missionary. It´s been good, but I´ve still got tons to work on and a bit over a year to do it. I feel good though.

I hope you´ve all had a great Conference Weekend, and that you get to review the talks in a good way to strengthen your faith and love for the Gospel and the Savior.

I´ll go ahead and wrap up with that. Keep going strong, write down the Spiritual impressions you receive, and your daily events in your journals. Keep records. I love you all and wish you well. Have a great week!

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