Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week #47: Guadalupe (La Oficina) - 3

This past week was pretty good. I mentioned in the last email that we were going to go ice-skating, and we totally did. It was pretty fun, even though I can´t skate and I fell a lot. But, even with that, it was a pretty fun and memorable experience for me. We went to Parque Fundidora (it´s like my fourth time, and I´ve gone to the park with every single companion I´ve had here in México so far). It was pretty cool to be out there, and to be dressed in normal-people clothes. I felt pretty good-looking if I may say so... But, the bad news is I think my camera is in the house, so I can´t send any photos from that this week. I´m sorry! It was fun though, and the photos remain promised for a following email. Sorry!

This week was a bit busy, and overall it was pretty good. The most notable events are the following:

Thursday we got up at about 5:15 AM to get ready, so that we could go to the TEMPLE for an early-morning Endowment Session. It was pretty great to be able to go to the Temple again for the first time in about 8 months. This time I enjoyed it, and I was able to see the Savior more. I was thinking more of Jesus Christ and His Atonement while I was there, and that was pretty good.

Afterwards, we went to McDonald´s near the Temple, and I got 3 Sausage Egg McMuffins. I hadn´t had a breakfast sandwhich like that for... like 10 1/2 months. It was pretty tastey. I have to admit I ate it with some of the packaged salsa that they gave us... Actually, it was like the "Obama Burrito" that I loved from from Sonic. Sausage, egg, cheese, and salsa. Tastey stuff. So, that was a nice little taste of home / America.

The next day was the Leadership Council that they do once a month, and this time around I got to sit in on the activities and take notes of everything that they were saying. I couldn´t write or type fast enough to capture EVERYTHING but I tried, and I did get a lot of information captured. So that was pretty cool. To start off it was well, then we had a break, and after that it got a bit harder. I felt a bit tired and it was hard to try and keep up with everyone at that point, but it was alright. I said a prayer for help and I was able to keep going until the end of the meeting. Now, I´ve got to type up and edit the notes I took to get them to Presidente Bird. Still work to do.

In the training they talked about a lot of cool things. Doing good intercambios, working with Bishops in the field, how to conduct and plan a baptismal service so that it´s a good, spiritual experience, and stuff like that. I enjoyed the meeting, and seeing the stuff that´s going to be changing in the mission too. Next week I´ll share more about that, but it´s a pretty "big" change for us, and I think it´s a good thing. It´ll let us work better with people. It actually makes this mission a bit more like my experience in the Colorado Denver North Mission. It should be a good thing.

On Saturday we had a companionship inventory for a little bit, and we talked about some stuff we need to improve on so that we become really good friends. TO ALL PEOPLE - resolve concerns or simply let it go. Don´t let bitterness mount up. Resolve in a good, calm manner. It´s something I´m trying to learn more. Forgiveness, like, real forgiveness - for others and for myself. But yeah, it´s a good thing to set things in order in our relationships.

Actually, there´s a pretty good resource book we received recently. It´s called something like Adjusting to Missionary Life and it´s got some good stuff in there about managing stress and things like that. I´ve been liking it overall. It´s not something that´s been "implemented" here, we just got them and I, here in the office, have taken one and have looked at it. I like it.

Sunday was pretty good. I got to give a talk. I wasn´t sure what to talk about, but President Bird encouraged us to share spiritual experiences or stories, so I decided to share about Pablo y Paty, their story and conversion and the sacrifices that they made to be in the Gospel. I talked about the Atonement, Grace, and sacrifice. We need to sacrifice, give our all, and then we can lay claim to the Grace of Jesus Christ and be saved in the last day. Stuff like that. It was pretty good. While I spoke about them, telling people that I loved them and taught them, I got emotional. I felt pretty good about that. Sometimes I like getting emotional. It was good.

That day we taught a bunch of lessons, one was an impromptu lesson at the dentist´s office. Then we went and taught Nahum´s (he´s a young man in our ward getting ready to go on a mission) cousin´s house, and we taught him. Then, afterwards we went back to the office (Nahum´s aunt lives there) and we taught her friend Cristina. It was a pretty good lesson. She could progress really well. So can Nahum´s cousins. Overall, we had a pretty good week. There is a lot of room for improvement, of course, but we´re heading that way a bit.

Well, after the Leadership Council I had more desire to be a really good missionary. I was really feeling that on Saturday. I want to keep that up, be a great missionary and really work hard and well, and help people. I have work to do, I need to be better, but I´m going to be trying to improve each day.

There´s a talk in the September 2013 Liahona and Ensign about Grace. I liked it a lot. Basically it talks about how we have to do all that we can, to BECOME better, but that doesn´t qualify us to be saved. Grace already lets us do that, but we have to do our part and grow and improve.

This week we´ve talked about swapping computers (Elder Quevedo and I) so that he (we) can start learning our new jobs to be more ready for the acutaly swap. So, that´ll be good.

Also, today we took a picture in basketball shorts and our white shirts and ties, for P-day. President and the Assistants started it. It was pretty funny, but it was also kind of cold here in the office with the AC one. I´ll send a photo next week too.

I love you all!

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