Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week #44: Laureles (La Oficina) - 24

Well, the transfers are this week. That is, they´re today and tomorrow. Transfers are always pretty crazy here in the offices. Definitely something different than a normal transfer - which I really have never had. I got here alone, was with my companion, then we had one transfer day when we didn´t have transfers, then the time it was my turn to have a transfer, I came here and helped with the transfers. Ever since that day, I´m here helping with each transfer. Good stuff.

To give a bit of background information on this week´s transfers, I´ll just share some basic statistics; sound good? Here we go:

Total Missionaries who are going home: 3
Total Missionaries who are coming here: 22 (actually 21 - one came last week)
Sisters who are leaving: 2
Sisters who are coming: 4
Elders who are leaving: 1
Elders who are coming: 18
New areas opening up: 10
Visas to do: 12 or 13, I don´t remember 100% at this moment.

So... These are interesting days. I have to help prepare a bunch of visas. I have to finish up the Release Packets for those who are going home. What else? Help out with everything else. So, this should be some busy stuff.

This past week was pretty good. On Saturday we spent too much time here at the offices, but we had to help receive the beds, bed-frames, refrigerators, and other stuff. So, we were there for a while. It was a bid wasteful in time, but we were able to get stuff done. That day, we ate with Pablo y Paty, but we had to only go and get the good "to go" because she was alone by the time we went for the food. She made Chiles Rellenos and they were good.

The next transfer we´re going to be opening more areas still. Good stuff.

Tomorrow is the announcement of the transfers. Next week I will reveal what I know now to all. As for now, there are transfers to be. What is common knowledge, acceptable to share with ALL before the transfer: I am leaving LAURELES. So is Elder Ramirez. Both of us leaving Laureles. So, yesterday we had to say our goodbyes to our people. We got to almost all of the really important people we really like and love.

I´ve had some really great experiences here in Laureles. It´s been great. I got here on March 5th, and I´m officially leaving tomorrow, August 20th - so that gives me 5 months and 15 days in Laureles. It´s been good. 24 weeks here. I´ve been able to grow, and I´ve been able to have fun. I have also been able to see my weaknesses, things I´ve gotten bad at. I need to improve and be a better missionary. I have time to do it, so that´s great.

Speaking of time to improve, and other time: On Saturday I completed 10 MONTHS in the mission field. So, that means that I´ve only got 14 months left to become a better missionary, love my mission, learn, and grow. And then, I´ll be home. It´s been good so far. Time does go by pretty quickly. I´m already wrapping up my time with Elder Ramirez. We have almost 3 months together. 12 weeks. It was a good time.

I enjoyed being with Elder Ramirez. We´ve had good times. It hasn´t been perfect, of course, but it´s been really good. I´ve been happier, and I´ve learned things that will help me and bless me in my mission and my life. I´ve realized things I need to improve on. My life is pretty good right now. And, I´m feeling pretty good about the future I´ve got ahead of me too. Next week there shall be more detail. CAMBIOS.

I will definitely stay in contact with my converts here in Laureles, and others; also, with my converts from Nueva Aurora. I´ve had good people and experiences in my life.

I love you all, and take care!

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