Monday, August 12, 2013

Week #43: Laureles (La Oficina) - 23

This week was a pretty good week. We need to work harder, and better, but we´re getting along well, so that´s a good thing. I have definitely been happier this transfer, this companionship than I was before. The Lord has blessed me with this, and we´ve tried more to be friends and resolve issues than I did previously.

This week, even though we´re in the middle of "La Canícula" we had rain. In fact, we got totally soaked on Saturday. It was raining really hard. We ended up seeing the Torres Garza family, and visited with them for a little bit. It´s the third time I´ve been totally soaked here in Laureles, and the third time I´ve got to see them while totally soaked. It´s like a "tradition" to see them if we´re soaking wet.

This week we had the blessing to have a baptism. Hermano Pablo was still without a record, and he and Paty set a goal to be sealed August 12th, 2014. The only problem was that HE had no record, appeared as not a member, and that unless we acted this weekend he wouldn´t be able to meet that goal (August 12th is their wedding anniversary, and their anniversary of becoming an item). We talked with President, and in the end he gave us the okay to baptize him. So, we had a baptism this weekend. He was happy.

This next week are the transfers. Who knows what will happen? I know almost 100% I won´t be leaving the offices, but that says nothing of which area I´ll be in, or whom I´ll be with either. So, we´ll just have to wait and see. It looks like we´ll be opening 9 more areas up.

Well, that´s it for this email. Next week I´ll know my future. I´m not TOO concerned about it, but it´s still something to think about. Hope you all have a great week, and I´ll talk to you later! Take care!

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