Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week #42: Laureles (La Oficina) 22

This past week was pretty good. It´s been nice and hot. We´re now in "La Canícula," which is a 40-day period of 40°C +, but it hasn´t been that hot this year. I´m getting a nice tan, what with all the sun. And yeah, it is hot, but it´s not unbearable.

This week was "efy," and some youth got more out of it than others. One less-active young man told us that it changed his perspective totally, that he wants to put forth the effort and go on a mission. We´re going to be visiting and helping him out with all of that. His name is Miguel. We´ll see where we go.

That same day, we met a less-active young man named Erik, who is about 20. They haven´t gone to church for like, 12 years or so, and about 3 weeks ago his mother passed away. We´re going to be visiting him and helping him, and maybe he´ll start coming to Church too.

We met a new investigator named Juan Manuel, he was a referral from Elder Mills and Elder Quevedo (the other two secretaries). He was interesting. He said he was going to read the Book of Mormon in 4 days. Tomorrow we have an appointment with him, and we´ll see what happens.

The other noteworthy experiences from this week have to do with a woman named Angelica:

Angelica was an investigator from early on in the year. Elder Capiz and Elder Cayetano were teaching her, and President Walker even met her, and said that she was an "escogida" - or, a "chosen" person, who would be baptized. I think it was within my first week here in Laureles when I got to meet her. We were here in the chapel. She told us that she wanted to "close a circle" and that she didn´t want to keep meeting with us anymore. So, we said goodbye, and she went.

Her record does not have her address, but it does have her "hermanadores." I remembered who she was so it wasn´t a record that we just threw away for lack of usable information. A few weeks ago we dropped by her hermandores´s house and asked Hermano Hernández to take us to find her house. We dropped by a few times to try and find her, but we never found anything.

On Saturday we were here near the chapel. Elder Ramirez suggested that we go and see if we couldn´t find Angelica. We showed up, and her car wasn´t there outside, but we rang her doorbell. She opened her door, and I recognized her, and said something like "Hello, you´re Heramana Angelica, right?" She replied, "You remember me?" I replied, "We met once like 5 months ago. We came by to see if you wanted to start visiting with us again." We explained that not at that moment, but that we´d like to set up an appointment. She said, "Tomorrow is Church, right?" and she said that she would come to Church. We left.

She came to Church. She said she´s going to come to a Relief Society activity on Wednesday, and that the next week at Church we´d arrange the details. Later, we were talking with Pablo y Paty, and Paty related to us the following:

Angelica has lived here about 10 years, she is single, and was feeling really lonely. She decided to put on some music, but it only made her feel worse. She was really sad and crying. Then, we showed up and invited her to Church.

Hermano Pablo spoke about how everyone has their time. Maybe it´s now her time. We´ll have to see what develops, but we´ll talk to her. There are no coincidences. The fact that I´ve stayed here for so long, that we went and talked to her, that Pablo y Paty are in the Church, everything is by the Lord´s hand. It could be that she needed Pablo y Paty in the Church to be her friends. We´ll have to wait and see what develops, but we´re in this.

The Lord really does work through us, and the little details and little miracles really are great. It´s pretty cool. Each week and day we can see the hand of the Lord in our lives, and in the lives of others. It´s really a blessing to be able to see that and recognize it.

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