Monday, July 29, 2013

Week #41: Laureles (La Oficina) 21

Well, today I finished up reading all of my emails and letters in about 28 minutes. So, that´s pretty good. Thank you to everyone who wrote me, thought of me, or send a message to me. I appreciate hearing about what´s going on in the lives of my people.

Let´s see... This past week we did better at leaving on time from the offices. We had interviews with President Bird this Tuesday, and it was pretty good. I chatted with him about my desire to become converted - like really converted - while I´m here on my mission. He said it´s a good goal, and a life-long one, but still. So, that´s good. As part of the interview we talked about leaving on time to work more in the area, and it´s something all of us have felt basically, and he talked to all of us (office Elders and Assistants) about doing. So, yeah.

This Wednesday I did "intercambios" or exhcanges with Elder Vazquez - one of the Assistants. They´re in our District (it´s just us and them, Elder Ramirez is the District Leader) and I got to work in his ward (AMÉRICA). It was a pretty good day. We gave a tour of the chapel to an investigator and he liked it. We worked on contacting people as we walked, and Elder Vazquez was rejected by every person he decided to talk to. The two best examples are the following:

1) A woman we approached said something along the lines of, "I know you. You´re Mormons. No thank you, I don´t want to hear your message. You can go on your way." Something like that. It was kind of funny, the rejection.

2) A woman (earlier in the day) who walked up to us and asked us if we were from a church, we said no, then she asked if we were christians and said something like "Whatever denomination you are, I´m catholic. I don´t want anything." Elder Vazquez: "Okay. But still, we´d love to share this message with you anyway" and she responds, "When you come and recite the Rosary with me, then I will listen to your message. Have a good day." And, she was off. It was kind of funny. Elder Vazquez later explained to me what the Rosary consists of.

Well... Hmm... This week we were accompanied by Daniel quite a bit. He was baptized just before I came to the area, and he´s doing well. He´s actually off to EFY today (Here they say it as a word, efy - as if it were "effee"). He accompanied us on a few visits, and it was good. He did a good job.

On Friday we were in the offices when a woman came to the chapel. She was seeking for help with her son, who started acting more violent and angry than normal. About a year or so ago, missionaries visited him. A few times Elder Capiz and I tried to find and contact him, but to no avail. Weeks ago, Elder Ramirez and I dropped by and she opened to door. We set up an appointment (which we missed) and we never found them again.

She remembered us from that time, and found the chapel and asked for our help. We went to visit them that day, and we still haven´t really talked with her son a lot, but Daniel did a good job trying to talk to him, and we visited with her and her husband. So far not a ton of teaching really, but it´s nice that they´re asking for our help. Hopefully we can get going with the teaching and help them out with the gospel. It´s like a story from a missionary movie, but those happen. Seriously. It´s been pretty good.

A few days ago I was reflecting on my mission a bit, and the thing that is really great is seeing the change in people, seeing how happy they are with the gospel. It´s a testimony building thing, and they´re really grateful too. Somebody asked me if I really liked Mexico, and it´s alright. Visiting my mission will be a lot more to see the people, not so much the stuff or the country. The converts and the members who I meet in my time here.

Let´s see... What else? This morning we had waffles. I´m currently reading in Helaman. I´m doing pretty well. Still have to work a lot on stuff, but I´ve got time. I realized this week more than once that I lack some of the knowledge of the lessons I should have, so I need to put myself to work on that. I need to focus more in my studying. The office is going pretty well right now. So, yeah.

Rocío has her baptismal date for August 17th.

Pablo y Paty are doing pretty well. Hermano Pablo is going to change jobs. He had a tough week after the baptism with work and stuff over there, but it worked out pretty well. Plus, somebody offered him a new job. He had his interview and starts Wednesday. He knows the Lord is blessing them. He gets more pay, works better hours (I think) and (he said this was the part that mattered most to him) won´t work Sundays except for during the Christmas Season. It´s a great blessing to know them and see the happiness and dedication they have.

Well, that´s it for this week´s general email. I hope you´re all doing well, and have a great week. I love you!

P.S. Here´s a photo of Elder Vazquez and I, AND - I´m feeling tanner than before. And, I got to eat a waffle this morning. Pretty tastey.

Here's a map of our new mission boundaries.

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