Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week #40: Laureles (La Oficina) 20

I´m here in the offices, chilling and writing to you all and listening to "on hold" music. So, -well, I just got an email from Sister Skinner, so a real-time pause on my end. Gimme a few minutes.

Well, after a large break I am back! Hopefully all are doing well, and having a great time with life. Hopefully we´re all learning and growing.

Things are going pretty well here in the Mission, overall. This last week we didn´t work as well as we should have, so of course our numbers were very low. This week we have some goals to get things going better, find more people to visit and teach, and keep progressing.

Paty was confirmed on Sunday, and we talked too. I had the change to translate for Sister Bird for the congregation, that was pretty cool. I kind of liked that. There was a time where I had to pause to think. It was the word "wonderful" I think. Anyway, it was good, and my talk turned out pretty good.

This week was pretty empty overall - we had the Leadership Council that we helped out prepare and stuff like that.

We visited Daniel quite a few times today. He was baptized 3 days before I got here to the ward Laureles. We´re kind of helping him want to go on a mission when he can. So yeah, things are going pretty well, but we can be a whole lot more focused and work harder.

Now, I´ve received some questions about being an office Elder and Sundays, so I´ll take care of that right now.

SUNDAYS - We are supposed to have Ward Council Sunday mornings, but we haven´t - I still haven´t been to a single Ward Council as a missionary. We´ll see what comes soon. We have church at 10:00 am, sometimes we talk - then for the second hour I teach Gospel Principles - I might not be doing that soon, we might get a teacher. Then the third hour we get to go to Priesthood or the third hour class.

After that we go to eat at about 2:00, then we go and work until night time, when we come to the offices. Here in the mission, we are assigned directly to a ward, so we work in the ward boundaries and we go to our ward meetings and we´re the Laureles Elders. Some wards have more than one companionship - this last transfer there was a ward that got a third set of missionaries. So there are 6 MISSIONARIES in this ward. Our ward only has us, but in the future it could change... Yep.

Now, being an OFFICE ELDER - Well, here there aren´t Senior Couples, so we work on the office stuff. There are 4 of us, and the assistants. There is a Records Secretary (who works on putting in baptism records, keeping track of them, and a monthly newsletter) and I used to do that, there is a Materials Secretary (who works on materials and referrals) a Financial Secretary (who works with the money) and an Executive Secretary (which I now am - and I work with the Visas, Release packages, coordinating flights of leaving and incoming missionaries, and other stuff President asks me to do). Plus, the two assistants. So, yeah.

We´re here on Monday through Friday from 11:00am - 2:00pm. We also help out with transfers, and leadership councils, and stuff like that. We have meetings sometimes with President Bird. So, it´s been pretty good.

Take care everyone, and have a great week!

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