Thursday, July 18, 2013

Week #39: Lauruels (La Oficina) 19

This week was pretty good overall. The main thing to talk about is the progress of Pablo y Paty. They´re great, and so happy, and so grateful to have met us and learned from us, and progressed as they have. They´re pretty awesome.

To re-cap the story: Pablo was inactive for about 18 years, and one day he saw some missionaries and decided to speak with them. They handed up the referral, and we went by to visit and teach him and his wife Paty. Things were going well, until about 3 lessons in she went out of town to take care of her nieces and nephews for like a month. Well, finally she came back and we started visiting with her again.

They were getting more and more excited, like enjoying the changes they were seeing. We´ve seen great stuff with them. And, this Sunday we had a baptism! She asked me to baptize her, and I of course was happy to do it, and honored to be asked. They´re great.

Also, it seems that Pablo´s record doesn´t show up. We have to see what the procedure is, but it´s possible we baptize him sometime soon too. So... We´ll have to see how that goes. But they´re great, and made sacrifices to get where they´re at. They understand well the processes and work hard. They´re great.

As of this Wednesday I´m going to have 9 months in the mission. So, time does fly away sometimes. It was a short while ago that I started, and here I am almost at 9 months. One more month and I´m going to have double-digits. And, also, I´m going to have half of my time here in this area next week - 20/40 weeks. So far I´ve been able to enjoy some things, learn, and grow. I still have a lot to improve, and to grow, but I´ve got time. I´ve still got time to learn and grow.

Congratulations to Michael, who enters the MTC this Wednesday!

I´m behind on my journal as far as length of entries goes. Sometimes I write very little, and that´s not great. So, I´ll have to improve with that. I hope you´re all well and have a great week.

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