Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week #38: Laureles (La Oficina) 18

This week was a week of not getting a whole lot of work done in our area. We spent more time than necessary in the offices, but we´ve got the future to count on. We failed to visit a few people, so we´ve got to repent and apologize to them. It was also the last week of the Transfer - which means that there are transfers this week! Are you all ready?


I am going... NOWHERE. I´m staying here, with Elder Ramirez todavía (still) and the office Elders and the Assistants are all the same for at least another transfer - so that´s good. Things were interesting this last transfer - provisional offices, 8 secretaries, change of President, new offices, and stuff like that. But, we´re now at the day of transfers - which is a day that´s interesting and packed in many ways.

Before I get on with talking about transfer days - and these transfers specifically - let me talk about some important stuff this week:

We´ve currently got three investigators with a baptismal date, but it seems like only 2 of them will be baptized on time. This week we´ve got the Hermana Paty - I´ve spoken of her and her husband before. If you go back to the old emails, I´ve been mentioning them for a while now. She´s feeling good about her baptism on the 14th - it´s official now. We just need to finish teaching everything, have her interview, and yeah. She asked me to baptize her, and I feel good about that. It´s nice being chosen. We celebrated Pablo´s birthday this Saturday (which is also my brother Jake´s birthday!) and it was pretty good overall.

We also met a new person named Rocio. Her boyfriend is a returned missionary, and she´s been more or less investigating for a few months now - but we´re giving the lessons. They´ve gone pretty well so far, and she came to the first two hours of Church this Sunday. So, she´s got her goal for the 21st of July. We´ll see how she progresses and feels - so far, so good.

Now, transfers stuff:

Well, today we´ve got to go and buy some stuff, then at about 2:30 or so the new missionaries will arrive - I need to take their passports to do their visa paperwork, and then we all eat pizza. Then, they leave to have interviews, and to go work for a while. We stick around here helping with stuff, working on stuff, and then in the night we have a light dinner thing for them.

Tomorrow, we help out with the transfers - which are different this time. Instead of telling the missionaries their new areas and companions, they only know that they´re changing - so it´s going to be an event to learn their companions. Could be good. We work on stuff, and then the Elders who are warpping up their missions go out with President and Sister Bird, and the Assistants to the Temple, to eat, and celebrate. I´ve got to have everything ready for them.

Well, we´ve got an eventful week coming up. I think I´ll wrap up for now. Things are going well with President and Sister Bird. President Bird put an emphasis in a conference he did about us getting converted in our missions - he was, and so was his son. I want to work toward that - being really truly converted here. So, I´ll have to be putting forth my efforts for that.

Well, week 18 already in the offices. It´s been pretty good. We´ll see how long I can stay here - I like it. And, be sure to write in your journals. I´ve been a bit lazy and have some pretty short entries. I can improve in that. Take care all!

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