Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week #37: Laureles (La Oficina) 17

This past week has been pretty interesting. We had a change of Presidents.

President Bird is pretty different from President Walker. President Walker was more serious, like an "executive" is what Elder Ramirez said, and President Bird is more relaxed. He is still learning his Spanish again, and new stuff, and Sister Bird doesn´t speak hardly any Spanish. I´ve kind of enjoyed speaking some more English. We´re going to see some changes around here with some stuff, but more on that in the future. President Bird might come and spend more time at the offices than Presidente Walker did.

One difference between the Birds and Los Walker: los Walker always eat really well, like, healthy. On Friday, after we met President and Hermana Bird, we ended up eating fired chicken, and they were there with us licking their fingers and enjoying the food too. It was an amusing little difference between the two couples.

Yesterday we were like little Assistant juniors - Presidente y la Hermana Bird wanted to partake of the Sacrament, but were detained for some health stuff with a missionary, so they came too late to be at our ward, so after the first hour WE left with them to go to another ward. We were blessed to be able to make it there, but we were late too. So, we waited, they spoke briefly, and then we went to ANOTHER ward. This one waited for them, so they got to partake. Afterwards, we all went to the Baptism the Assistants were having in their ward (America) and we had a family there - Pablo y Paty. It was nice, and the Birds got to meet them. That was our little adventure during part of Sunday. Good stuff.

Today we´re here with the Birds, and we´ve been having meetings with him. It´s his birthday, so we´ve got some cakes, and we might go out to eat with them too. We´ll have to see what happens.

What else? The division is official - we´re a smaller mission now. It´s pretty good.

The new offices turned out really nice - a whole lot better than the old ones. They´re nice. I´ll attach some photos.

This week I´ve been reading in Alma - today I finished some stuff and chapter 42, so I´m getting along here. He spoke of our agency I think. It´s important that we make good choices. Earlier in the chapters near this one he spoke of good examples. We can all try and be good examples. It´s something I want to be for my family, friends, and my future family.

Presidente y Hermana Bird on his birthday.

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