Monday, June 24, 2013

Week #36: Laureles (La Oficina) 16

This past week was pretty good. We have a lot of work to do and improve in our area, but we´re doing pretty well. I´m still enjoying being in the offices. Now we´re down to four (and the assistants) again. Tuesday during our weekly meeting with President Walker he announced that they were going to be shipping out Wednesday in the morning. So, they prepared the stuff and left. Which means... I get my own computer and area once again.

It´s been pretty good being the Executive Secretary. I work with the visas, flights, and the packets of release for the missionaries who finish up their mission. Our mission only has 2 Elders finishing up, but I´ve also been calling the families of the Elders of the Reynosa Mission to let them know when they´ll be receiving their missionaries. I´ve organized some things to better fit my tastes, and it´s pretty calm. I do some other stuff too, but overall it´s less than I had to do as the Records Secretary as far as a daily thing goes.

I´ve been getting along pretty well as of late. More... like... happy and good. Things are better with my new companionship. We have stuff to do in the area, but it´s fresher and newer in ways. In a few days we´ll receive President Bird and Sister Bird, and we´ll be moving into the new offices I think like 1 or 2 days before that. We aren´t getting new desks, but we ARE getting new seats. That´ll be nice.

This week we had our "goodbye meeting" with the Walkers. It was pretty good. President Walker spoke on Repentance, like really understanding it and teaching it well to the investigators. If they can understand it better, they can use it, and stay stronger in the gospel.

Hmm... We also had the worldwide broadcast. It was pretty good. The focus was SUPER member-missionary focused. So, Member Missionaries, por favor, ¡ayúdenos! If our ward can put this stuff in action, it´ll be better for us. We have a fresh new Bishopric, and we´re going to actually start having Ward Council (I still have NEVER attended one... and I´ve got more than 8 months as a missionary... SO...), so that should help. It should be good.

Well, I think I´ll spend the rest of the time writing personal messages. I hope you all have a great week and do good things. I´ve had a pretty good week, as I said, I feel a bit less tense, more relaxed and comfortable in ways... So, that´s good.

Take care all, and have a great week.

BUT, before I get off... In the new training, the videos were pretty great. I was a bit touched by the "Army of Helaman" video, so if you didn´t see the broadcast (or even if you did) go ahead and check it out.

Also, I´ll finally be having an exchange tomorrow. I spent a day with a different secretary, but that wasn´t like and official exchange. I haven´t had one since I got here in the offices - so, like 15 or 16 weeks ago was my last one. I´ll be leaving my area and working in a different one - also the first time in months. So, we´ll see! Take care!

Love, Elder Izak Thomas Erekson

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