Monday, June 17, 2013

Week #35: Laureles (La Oficina) 15

Things are going pretty well this week. I´ve feeling pretty good, and have had some good experiences this week spiritually - started to grow more again maybe. So, things are pretty good.

What can I share? I received some mail this week, so thank you to Mom and Dad and the others who´ve sent me mail. Thank you Grandpa Tom for sending me a letter!

This week should be the last week of being in the makeshift offices. Maybe. They´re getting closer to actually wrapping up our new offices. So that´ll be nice. I was expecting to receive new furniture, but I´ve heard that´s not in the plan... Oh well.

We got a new Bishopric (our Bishop became the Stake President on like April 20th or something around there... so you can see we went witihout a BISHOP full-time for a while). So, that´ll be good, and we´ll go working better with the ward as we progress.

So, my hair was pretty long - so I gave myself a haircut. I kind of cut it short in a place.

Wednesday we´ve got our "Goodbye Meeting" it could be called with the Walkers. So, that´s coming up. Then we´ll get the new President and Hermana on the... 29th? 27th? Pretty soon, and things will be going in that direction.

Also soon, we should cut down to 4 secretaries here, and the other 4 leave for Reynosa. What else? I´ve chatted briefly with Elder Harrop and Elder Medrano from my earlier days. Back when I didn´t have 8 months as a Missionary. They seem to be doing pretty well. It´ll be nice to have my own computer again - and I´ll organize the stuff to serve me better - I´ve done a bit, but I don´t want to do any drastic changes really until I´ve got it for myself.

Have a great week, and I hope you´ve all had a great Father´s Day! Take care!

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