Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week #34: Laureles (La Oficina) 14

Dear everyone,

Before I continue writing a ton in the personal department, I wanted to shoot a quick general email to all of you. Hopefully this week has been pretty good for all of you, for me it´s been pretty good.

Elder Ramirez and I are getting along pretty well. One event from this week: we went to go and sleep in the house (we have a house, and sometimes sleep at the offices too) and lo and behold - the "luz" or power was cut. Yeah, we kind of never slept there (Elder Capiz and I) and we failed to pay the bill, as did I with Elder Ramirez. So... that happened, and we returned to stay here at the offices. We still have yet to return to stay in our house (we were there a while Sunday - and it was kind of hot without AC or our fans being able to be turned on). But, I think today we´ll try and go and pay the late bill.

Things are going a bit better this week - last week I was a bit bleh on Monday, but today I´m doing pretty well. As I said, my new companionship is going pretty well. I´ve learned stuff from my past companions, and I can see the difference that some small things can make over time. So, I´m trying to be a good companion, and to resolve smaller issues before they grow bigger. Also, I can apply the principle of forgiveness.

Speaking of forgiveness, I spoke on the subject on Sunday. I sort of connected it to the members welcoming investigators or less-active members who are returning, but also in a general sense. It was also a talk for myself. I had more stuff to say (which wasn´t totally related 100%) but since we´re four missionaries, the time got cut short. I read a lot, but I did not really write a talk - I made an outline. It´s the way I liked to give talks in English, and I basically did it last month - but this month it was more like how I used to do it. So, that´s good. I went like 15 minutes, and was cutting it short. Sometimes, I can form a long idea - chain of ideas. I was first, since I have the least time in the mission of the four of us, but that was fine with me. I think I talked the most...

Next, we went to our second hour, and it was Principios del Evangelio (Gopsel Principles) and guess who got to teach? I did. I hadn´t really studied the lesson for the week (we don´t have a teacher, but we haven´t really been good at following the manual either - so I went with the lesson that should be the one for that day), and it went pretty well. Next, I gave the lesson (even less prepared) during Priesthood. It got better as time went on, because I got some help, and while I assigned somebody to read a paragraph - I skipped ahead to have a comprehension of what was going to come next in the lesson. So, that was that. I was involved in teaching all of the meetings that day.

Also, I think I´ve mentioned it before - but we´re without a Bishop. Yeah, it´s been like a month and half or so without a Bishop. Our Stake President is still technically our Bishop. We might see a new Bishop in a little bit.

Things went pretty well this week. I hope you´re all doing well!

Write in your journals!

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