Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week #33: Laureles (La Oficina) 13

So, this morning was pretty crazy. As the Secretary of Records, I was in charge of sending something called "La Brújula" (the compass) to all of the missionaries in the mission. It includes messages from Presidente y la Hermana Walker, one of the assistants, and other stuff. Well, with the craziness of May, we never sent the May edition, and this morning President Walker sent his and la Hermana Walker´s talks to me, so that I could send the June Brújula. Well, let´s just say I had to repent quickly. I modified the May edition, added pages, and finally was able to have it ready. BUT, it would not export correctly, so I sent everyone the Brújula in parts, and will have to resolve the problem and sent it corretly in a bit. So, do your work on time. President was accomodating and nice though, but it should not have happened.

This week we´ve been eight here in the offices. I´ve been learning some stuff with the visas, and the stuff I´ll be doing as "Secretario Ejecutivo" and also helping ease the transition for the new secretaries of records, by helping complete my unfinished tasks. I need to make sure to pray, and stay on top of my tasks.

So, some basic chatty stuff...

Elder Ramirez and I are getting along pretty well. We talk a bit more openly than I was talking with Elder Capiz, and I feel pretty good with our companionship. With some of the craziness of the changes, I feel like I haven´t been the best, so I will improve myself too. But, I am glad to have a new companion, and so far we´re doing pretty well. Elder Ramirez is from the state of Mexico, and is a pretty nice person. He´s pretty patient, and nice, and I feel pretty good overall.

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