Monday, May 27, 2013

Week #32: Laureles (La Oficina) 12

This past week was alright. Yesterday I learned my future destiny as to which mission I´ll be serving in. I will not be the Records Secretary in either mission, as I thought I was going to be...

Instead, I´ll be the Executive Secretary (Secretario Ejecutivo) in the Mexico Monterrey East Mission.

So instead of working with the records as I´ve done for the past three months, I´ll be working with the visas, plane flights, and other things like that. I have some stuff to learn, but I feel good about it. So, no "3 Missions" for me, but that´s okay. I get to stay here in the city where it´s more calm and comfortable.

I feel pretty good about it. New stuff to have to learn, but it´ll be good. Definitely doable, but I´ve prayed for help of course. It happens tomorrow. So I´ll be trained by Elder Capiz and will train my companion and his companion to do what I´ve been doing.

My new companion is Elder Ramirez - I don´t know him that well, but he´s cheery and always pretty smiley. Elder Capiz is going to continue as Secretario Ejecutivo in Reynosa, and I get to train my companion and his companion to be Secretarios de Registros. Tomorrow we get our new companions. Basically, the divisions are now official here. I´m going to be staying here in the Mexico Monterrey East Mission.

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