Monday, May 13, 2013

Week #30: Laureles (La Oficina 10)

Well, would you look at that? I´ve left another set of numbers - no longer in the 20´s as my weeks go, but the 30´s now. So, that´s happening. I´m going to reach my 7-month mark this 17th. Time marches on a bit slowly as the days go by, but the weeks, and months go by fast - when one looks backwards. I remember when I started my missionary journey. In fact, unless I´m mistaken today marks the day I opened my mission call - 11 months ago. So, it´s been a flight of time.

You know, I didn´t address anyone as this letter started. Okay.

This past week has been pretty good. On the last Sunday - Fast Sunday - I started my fast personally, for a family in our area and some family, and then later Elder Capiz and I started our fast together - for this family in our area. He was having economic problems, and was trying to find a job. So, we fasted - and we both were thinking on the same frequency in this, so we did. I think it may have been Tuesday, I´m not sure at the moment, when we saw him and his family. We chatted with them a bit, and learned that he had found work! In only a few short days the Lord answered our Fast in the affirmative. He had been quite worried. I asked how he felt, and he responded, "Bien contento" (very content). I liked being able to hear that from him.

He and his wife are progressing nicely. We had a lesson with them - again in the chapel (I had a moment of not knowing how to spell that word) about the "Plan of Salvation" - or "Lesson 2" and it affected him in a good way it appears. Also, they had told us that they were not going to be able to attend Church this week - they had a "compromiso" (a commitment). Imagine how it was to see them walk into the meeting. They left for their "compromiso" after the first meeting, but it was great to see them, and their desires. They´re our mostly progressing people.

Speaking of Sunday, with almost seven months into the mission it was finally my turn to give a talk in sacrament meeting. Some of you other missionaries might have already done that, but I haven´t. It was pretty good. I wrote a talk, but mostly only used some quotes and used it more as an outline. I was grateful to be able to have that experience - being able to talk more like I would in English, not a written reading, but a talk. And that´s how it was. One member was nice and told me my Spanish is good, so I appreciated that. Elder Capiz told me I did well too, so that´s good. I focused on working all together, how we have a responsibility to help eachother stay firm, that kind of stuff. It´s something we´ve lacked with baptisms here - we teach but they don´t have firm firm friends in the ward. With the aforementioned family, we´re more on track than we have been. Also, there are members who try to support new members too.

We also got to bless the sacrament, and I had a good experience with the opening hymn. We sang "Joseph Smith´s First Prayer" - in Spanish of course - and during parts, especially the first line of the 4th verse, got me a bit emotional. It was a good experience.

Also, yesterday I got to talk to my family, and that was nice. It has already been almost 5 months since we talked for Christmas, all that time ago when I was in Greeley, Colorado. I´ve had quite the adventerous journey - with the MTC, Colorado, MTC, and Mexico. I like to tell my story to new Elders I meet sometimes. I like it. I´ve been blessed in this way. I have also had the blessing to have had good experiences here too, and more are coming.

Random things that happened this week: - I got totally soaked through this last Saturday. It was stormy here, and I looked outside and thought to myself, "Maybe it will go away. I don´t want to be hot if the sun comes out - and it´s not raining too heavily, I´ll go without a coat. Yeah, that sounds good." More or less... Anyway, we left an appointment, and it was "chispiando" - sprinkling, and Elder Capiz had forgotten his coat in the house of the investigators, so we returned. As we were returning, it started to rain heavier and heavier. By the time we got to the house of the investigators we were going to visit I was totally drenched, basically. It was a lot of fun, and I liked having the experience.

Well, time is short. I´m maybe going out to eat now. I´ll wrap up. Take care!

Elder Izak Thomas Erekson

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