Monday, May 6, 2013

Week #29: Laureles (La Oficina) - 9

Dear everyone,

This past week has been pretty good. Of course there were some tougher moments, but that happens in life, and as a missionary. It was a pretty good week though.

Last week there was a leadership meeting: All of the Zone Leaders, the two Sister Leaders (Coordinating Sisters?), the Asistants to the President, and Presidente y Hermana Walker all met together for trainings, and admonition. We helped prepare for it, and staying at the offices for a while, eating with them. So, that was pretty good.

One good thing here this week was working a bit more here in this part of our ward. Laureles is a pretty big area, and we usually work in a part that is far away from the chapel - it´s been that way for a while I think, the missionaries only working over there and not over here. But, something we´ve been doing is trying to work more here. It´s been pretty good. New territory.

This last week, Elder Capiz and I went and worked in a part of the ward where we have never ever been - and it didn´t appear on our map either, and that was pretty cool. We contacted somebody, visited a part-member family, and received a referral from one of them, here in this untreated part of the area. That was pretty cool. Yesterday we once again worked here, and we found some "past investigators" who were excited to recieve us. It´s been about 2 years since they saw the missionaries last, and they were talking about "peace" and how we came at just the right time, and it was good.

We have a two people with baptismal dates (goals), but only one of them is progressing. She lives here, closer to the chapel (they walk, in fact). Her husband is a less-active member, and has been for most of his life. From day one I think, they talked to us about how only one of them would be able to attend Church at a time, since they need to work, and the schedule conflicts with Church. During one of our companion prayers, where I was the voice, I prayed that somehow they could both come, if it were possible, or so. Come Sunday, and lo and behold - they both came, with their daughters. They only stayed for the first meeting, but it was good to have them there, both especially. It was an answer to my prayer. Also, the day before we had a good lesson with them and their chosen "hermanador" who is about their age, and lives pretty close. It was good, he bore testimony, and found a scripture that really affected him by the Spirit - he didn´t know where to find it, but there it was.

One thing which we haven´t done very well is working with the members, and it´s something I want to do better. Working with them, going to Ward Council, having "hermanadores" and all that good stuff. So, we´re progressing, and hopefully it continues progressing.

We need to help out some of our past converts, and something they need is the aforementioned "hermanamiento" - which is the friendship with the members of the ward.

Something I remembered, is that yesterday was a day full of blesisngs - literally. During sacrament meeting, our three baptisms were confirmed, and the little ones received children´s blessings too, then two more children were blessed likewise. In all, 8 blessings to start of Sacrament Meeting. It was pretty good.

This week I studied a variety of things, but something that kind of made sense to me yesterday - I learned more of it anyway, was a small part of the New Testament, in reference to the Old Testament. There is a part where the Savior speaks of "the sign of Jona[h]" - with the three days in the tomb / fish, but yesterday we spoke of how Jonah was willing to offer himself to save the other people on the boat, since he was guilty. The Savior wasn´t guilty, but He did likewise offer Himself, that the others "might not perish..." And that was a deeper understanding of that passage that came to me.

Earlier in the semana (week) I was also comparing The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 - 7) with the Sermon to the Nephites (3 Nephi 12 - 14) and the differences. Something for the missionaries and teachers out there: He applies the doctrines differently, according to whom He is teaching. It´s pretty cool to see the differences. One difference that caught my attention a while back, is that He even speaks of the money differently, according to whom He talks to. Check out the differences between the two sermons.

Thank you to all who have written me! Last week after the baptism I wrote 6 pages in my journal, and they were about the story of the family we baptized. I don´t think I wrote much, if anything, about them before - so it was good to write the testimony stuff while it was still here, you know? Write before you forget! Write today.

So, I said it last week to the family, but now I´ll share with all. Since the mission is going to be divided, we´re going to be doing some preparation work for that. So, this next "cambio" - May 28th, we´re going to see 8 secretaries. Each of us is going to train our "double" as it were. Then, four of us (and we don´t know for sure who) are going to "La Frontera" to be part of the Mexico Reynosa mission, while four stay here in the Mexico Monterrey East Mission.

Well, that´s the general email this week. Today we´ll be practicing singing again. Take care of yourselves, everyone!

Elder Izak Thomas Erekson

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