Monday, April 29, 2013

Week #28: Laureles (La Oficina) - 8

Dear everyone,

This has been a pretty good week. First off, I have news to share with all of you: we have an Apostle coming to our mission May 20th, 2013. Anyone want to guess who doesn´t already know? Now is the time before I tell you who it is. Okay. Time´s up. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is coming to our mission to speak with us.

Some more news "en cuanto de" this topic - I will be singing in a small missionary choir for the event as well. We will be singing Himno N° 98, "Conmigo quédate, Señor" - which is the Spanish version of "Abide With Me; ´Tis Eventide." So, that´s a pretty cool thing. I´m singing with Elder Stewart (one of my current Zone Leaders) as an Alto, but an octave lower, unless I´m mistaken. It´s pretty cool. We sound pretty good too at this point.

This week we had a baptism of a family. It was my first ever full family baptism, and my first baptism from start to font too. All of the other people I´ve helped teach I came in part-way, but with this family we started teaching them together from the start, and yesterday we had the blessing to baptize them.

I got to baptize the father, and Elder Capiz baptized the mother and their daughter. He said, shortly after we finished his ordinance, that he felt "something" in the water, but he couldn´t describe it. When we met them (they were past investigators who had been visited before, but this time was their time) and they accepted us. The truth is that the hermano was baptized, but his record doesn´t show up, so he got to be baptized again. I´ll tell more about our experiences with them to my family, maybe today, maybe at a later time. It was a good baptism, and many members came.

Afterwards we ate and the food was pretty good. We ate some chorizo and ptotato tacos, which were fried in oil, and we added some sour cream and an asian chili sauce that reminded me of eating sushi with my friends. It was pretty tastey, but by the end I was filled up, and for me when I´m more full, food sometimes loses some of its flavor. So, yeah. Good stuff though.

I´m progressing through my new journal - last night I had a lot of time, so I wrote six pages about the baptism, the family we baptized, our experience with them, and all of that. I was looking through my other journal, and I couldn´t find any direct mention of them. I still might have written something, and can look further, but it lacked for sure. I´m glad that I went ahead and wrote a lot last night, then later saw that I lacked information. Last night I basically told the entire story with them - important stuff anyway. I´ll go ahead and continue my admonishing to write in your journals - don´t let anything deter you.

A while back I was listening to a lecture on President Spencer W. Kimball, and the speaker spoke on how he always wrote a lot in his journal, and openly about his feelings and stuff too. When they were going to write his biography, he gave them permission to use his journals - I don´t remember how many, but a lot. I think the speaker said because of this, and the personal way he wrote, and about his feelings at times of his life, it was a rich biography, or something. Anyway, with this in mind, I encourage each of us to write more openly about our feelings with our journals - think of how we feel, write about the important things, faith-promoting things. I think he also spoke of "ackowledge your weaknesses, but dwell on the good moments" or something like that. So, I encourage you to write in your journal.

On Tuesday we learned some new information as far as the whole mission-division thing goes. For those who don´t know, my mission will become two missions as of July 1st I believe. We´ll change from being the Mexico Monterrey East Mission, to being the Mexico Reynosa Mission, and the Mexico Monterrey East Mission. So... yeah. I don´t know where I´m going to end up, but I do know that I´ll be here in the offices for a least a while longer. We have "cambios" on May 28th, and I´ll be recieving a new companion in order to train him to do what I do. Then, a few weeks later - four of the eight secretaries will head off to Reynosa area for the other mission. We´ll see what happens to me, eh?

I just got back from eating with Hermana and Presidente Walker, a new missionary, and the other three secretaries. They told us how they met, and we visited as we ate. It was pretty good, I enjoyed it. So, once again - to all, have a great week!

It´s been a pretty good week for me, and I hope you all have a great week too! Take care!

- Elder Izak Thomas Erekson

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