Monday, April 22, 2013

Week #27: Laurels (La Oficina) - 7

Well, it was just a week ago that we had the "cambios" - the transfers. Looking back, it was a long time ago, but only a week ago. This week has been pretty full as far as that goes, and it´s been a bit hard, but I´m doing pretty well right now.

The problem with the washer is that somehow the hose no longer connects to wherever it was once, so the water that drains (e.g. the dirty water) has been spilling out into the ground. And to add to that problem, the drain doesn´t work, so instead of cleanly draining away, we have to move it outside. The hose has fallen a few times, and today I taped it to the sink it drains into, so we´ll see what happens. So, that´s adventure.

Something I´ve been doing, is typing up my journal. I´ve been compiling my emails too. I need to add more, I only have the first three right now on the file.

A couple of weeks ago the ward did "New Beginnings" as Sacrament Meeting. It was pretty good. Then later Relief Society did a program for the anniversary, and I liked that. They sang a song that was pretty cool. Maybe I´ll look it up and tell you the name... Also, I like the song "As Sisters in Zion" and the "EFY Medley" if you´ve ever heard it - good stuff. It uses that song, "We´ll Bring the World His Truth" and part of the Young Women theme put to music, it´s pretty great.

I think I might just do what you said about learning hymns during my mission, I think I might work on learning some four-part songs. I was playing a bit today and last night with my hymnbook. Anway, we´ll see how that goes.

Elder Holland is coming May 20th.

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