Monday, April 8, 2013

Week #25: Laureles (La Oficina) - 5

Dear Everyone,

This past weekend was General Conference, and it was pretty good. Seeing as I am in the offices of the mission, I was able to listen to a few things in English. Actually, the truth is that I was able to have listened to it all in English (but, in our personal interviews President Walker responded that it would be better to watch it with investigators in Spanish - and we had some of a family for Sunday Afternoon, but I listened to it all in Spanish). I took notes bilingually, and it was pretty good. Also, between a few sessions on Saturday I listened to the General Young Women´s Broadcast, and it was good. Really, I liked it. Everyone who is able to listen to it online, I recommend you do so. Really.

Sister Dibb spoke on the 2013 Mutual Theme: "Stand Ye in Holy Places, and Be Not Moved" and spoke of how "Holy Places" can also be moments in time. The idea that moments of peace, testimony-building moments, can be "holy places" and that we are to stay in them. She spoke of Joseph in Liberty Jail, how it was a "holy place." She spoke about writing down our "holy places" that we had reflected on as she spoke, and I followed her counsel and wrote an experience I had neglected to write down as I was nearing the end of my time in the MTC - shortness of time with packing and all. Now it´s preserved in my journal, so that when my memories fade, it will be there - and I can revisit that "holy place."

Reflect on your "Holy Places" - your holy moments in time. Write them down. Review the ones you have written down. "Stand ye [in them]... and be not moved." Remember what the Lord has done for you, and write specifically about it, you don´t know how it can help you later as trials come. Maybe you do.

Elder Holland´s talk also stood out to me. I have grown to like his talks more as I´ve been here. He spoke of if our faith is weak, or lacking, we can have hope and continue, and not give up what we already know. Remember what you know, and don´t worry too much about what you don´t. And, "ask for help." He spoke on many examples, and I liked his talk. It applied to me personally. What else can I say? It can be connected to what Sister Dibb said - stay in those "holy places" - in the testimony you have already gained. Do not give up the fight.

Connecting to those two talks, there is a Fireside by Elder Holland that is on the computer here in the office, I´ve listened to it at least twice I think... In it he speaks about how we need to not retreat when the troubles come, not react as the Children of Israel at the Red Sea, but remember what the Lord has done for us, and press forward. He reads and talks about Moses 1, and how Moses remembered and was true to what he had experienced, and we should too. These three talks go hand in hand, remember what you have learned, felt, and experienced, be true to it, and don´t let trials or doubts overcome you.

Hmm... What else? Well. Michael got his mission call, and he´s going to ARGENTINA. We´re going to be able to speak Spanish together! It´s pretty awesome. I was happy as I read the email from him. Good job, Michael! Enjoy Argentina, Spanish, and being a missionary (in a while, but still...)

I got letters from Aunt Beqi and Grandpa Tom that I really liked, especially from Grandpa Tom - he shared a testimony-building moment from his mission, it was good.

That´s that for the general letter. Take care everyone!

- Elder Erekson

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