Monday, April 15, 2013

Week# 26: Laureles (La Oficina) - 6

Dear Everyone:

Last night we had some adventure here in the offices. We were up really late. There was a mishap with a washing machine, and we had to clean up the water. We started moving it toward a drain in the floor, but that was not draining at all. So, that meant we had to move on to other plans. We started moving the water to the door, and sending it outside. It took a while, but we got it all ready and good. So, that was a bit of adventure.

Hmm... Well. With the advent of being able to write to people through email, I´ve been getting lazier with my general letters. Sorry about that!

I´m going to finish my six-month mark this Wednesday, so that´s cool. I´ve bitten a good chunk out of my mission, but I still have plenty of time to improve, grow, and strengthen my testimony. That´s my goal. I am also almost finished with my first journal - going to have 6 months even. I like things organized like that. Then, of course, I´ll start another one. So, there´s my weekly spiel on journal-keeping. Just... Keep it. Cool.

My friend shared this with me:

"One thing that I wrote to my mission president that I really think is true is this:

It wasn't until Peter lept from the boat that the miracle of him walking on water was able to happen. I think too often, I like staying in my little safe boat, too afraid to show the faith to give it all the Lord. But we can't see miracles until it's all in His hands. We cant just ease away from out boat into the water. We need to just jump. I'm really going to work hard for this, because it makes so much sense. I need to trust in the Lord completely, and just leap from my boat. He won't let me fail.

No matter what kind of hardships you are going through this next week, and on into the future, just remember whose work this is and that He wont let you fail..."

Today we have the "cambios" - there may or may not be (there are) 19 Americans, and 7 other people. So... 26 new missionaries today. I tell them about "La Brújula" [The Compass, a mission newsletter] which I make, and tell them to send in their records on time, and to call me with questions about if somebody is already a member or not. That´s about it. I don´t do much. And... I help the other secretaries with stuff. The mission opened 9 Areas (and a Zone that was absorbed into another is now its own Zone again). One area divided into two also.

And yes, Presidente Walker is going to do double-duty during May and June. [He was sustained as an Area Seventy at General Conference.]

I am staying where I am, so we´ll have to see if I leave the officies in the end of May, or if I get a new office assignment in one of the two missions in July. We´ll see.

So, I´m approaching the Six-month mark in just 2 more days - this miércoles. Time flies in some points of view. Christmas was more than 3 months ago.

Lately... One of the foods I like is "Albóndigas" - it´s been eaten a few times, and it´s like what you make, but not a soup. When I first had it here (now I´ve got like 3 or 4 times) it reminded me of home, and that was nice. Tostadas (beans, meat, lettuce, cheese? one time. Those were tastey. And... Campechanas. I eat them too much, it may be. They´re so good though.Well, a campechana is a flour torilla, with beef, trompo (which is some kind of red, tastey, meat) and cheese. Sometimes I add some baked potatoes, and there´s some tastey green spicy salsa too (it´s a sauce). And grease. They´re tastey.

I bought myself a tie with my card last week - forgot to send a picture in the email, will send it a new version of the email for everyone. I got a haircut this morning, I look pretty good. The picture is from this morning itself, so yeah.



Elder Izak Thomas Erekson

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