Monday, March 11, 2013

Week #21 Laureles (La Oficina) 1

I hope that things are all going well for you, things for me are going pretty well. I am enjoying my time here in the offices, and I don´t really have a lot of information or specific story to share this week.

My companion´s name is Elder Capiz. He is from México as well, he has about 13 months in the mission field, and is the Executive Secretary.

So, life as a secretary is pretty good. I work on registering the cedulas (or records) of baptisms, create a report for President Walker of the baptisms from the past week, according to the areas which had baptisms, and things like that. I also have to call and correct if there is a lack of reporting of "Key Indicators" from a companionship from the letters to the President. I also work on something called "La Brújula" which is a monthly sort of mini-magazine of the mission. So, that is what I get to do as the Secretary of Records. Also, if anyone has a question about whether or not somebody is a member, I get to call Salt Lake and find out.

We live in two places as secretaries. Sometimes we sleep here, and other times at our house. There are four of us secretaries, but we live separately (when we´re not sleeping here). So, it´s been pretty good so far, yeah. Kind of spoiled in ways, being able to listen to music and lectures here on the computer.

The photo has, (starting at the top from the left) the following Elders: Elder Vargas (secretario de materiales), Elder Capiz (secretario ejecutivo), me (secretario de registros); row two: Elder Love (asistente al Presidente), Elder Mills (secretario financiero ), Elder Vazquez (asistente al Presidente).

I´m also including a photo of Elder López and I from the end of our time together. And, one of us near the beginning, so be able to see how we (I) have changed in about two months.

Elder Lopez & Elder Erekson in January 2013

Elder Lopez & Elder Erekson in March 2013

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