Monday, March 4, 2013

Week #20- Leaving Nuevo Aurora

Another week has come and gone in the mission field. And, I´m doing pretty well. Changes are on the way. Tomorrow I´m going to leave my area and work in the Mission Offices as the Secretary of Records (secretario de registros). I´ll be working in the offices in the mornings and early afternoon until about 2:00, when I´ll eat and then we´ll go proselyting for about 6 hours or so. So, that´ll be good. My companion will be Elder Capiz (not sure on the spelling, next week I´ll let you all know). I´ll get to "convivir" with the other secretaries, and the Assitants to the President, and the President (and the new Presidents too).

This week I had some good experiences with recognizing the hand of the Lord working in the mission field, in the efforts to save His children, and help them. Even though this week our numbers suffered (we had MANY of our appointments fall through) we had some good experiences.

Remember the contact I wrote about last week? Well, we dropped by to visit with him, and he was asleep. However, we spoke briefly with his son, and then with his wife. Lo and behold, she and her husband (our contact) are inactive members of the Church. She thought that we had come for her, or something like that. She did not know we spoke with her husband. Her son had also expressed desires in the past to go to church at our chapel. So, our contact became even better. Just think about it: We contacted a man because of our decisions and feelings, and we later come to find that his family already are members (albeit inactive). She said something about wanting to return, but not knowing what she needed to do, it had been so long. It was good to be a part of the Lord´s efforts to recover his lost sheep.

Another experience along this lines: During intercambios with Elder Soto, we passed by the house of an inspired contact which Elder López had about a month ago. We were in a street, and a couple was leaving their house, and we spoke briefly with them. Elder Soto and I decided to drop by and visit them, see if we couldn´t make an appointment or teach them or whatever. When we talked with him, we made an appointment and we also received a referral. He gave us the name and address of his mother. So, the next day with Elder López, we went to go looking for her. As we arrived at the house, we recognized it from an earlier effort to find less-active members to visit. We left a brief note for her, and pulled out a paper which has names of referrals, contacts, and past investigators, and there she was again as a past investigator! So, three times; three ways to encounter her. The Lord is trying to save his children, His lambs. It was a cool experience to have, to recognize that. It was good.

Yesterday I was sick. Saturday we ate carne asada, and salchicas, papas asadas, and more. I ate a lot, and felt pretty full near the end of the meal. Well, that night I did not feel well, my stomach was not being kind to me. I had to find a comfortable position and maintain it. When the morning came, and went into the bathroom, and... I threw up. It was kind of gross - it tastes of salchicha and grapefruit juice kind of. A bit graphic, I know. So, I was ill with that, and felt better afterwards, but still not totally fine. Let´s just say that I don´t want to eat carne asada for a while... That sort of nauseous feeling when thinking about the food, ish. I also had a fever, and my legs were really tired and sore. But, there was work to be done.

Elder López and I have joked about me having a gift. I joked to him that I was going to leave the area, and explained that when I was in the MTC (the second time) I slept with a sick stomach, and threw up - later to leave and come to Mexico. Well, the same thing happened here, and we joked about it. And, here I am changing. If it happens another time, it´ll be painful but funny - ironic.

We had our Stake Conference, and it was alright. I couldn´t hear or understand well, but the focus was on the Temple.

I´m short on time. I´ve had good experiences here in Nueva Aurora, and my testimony has grown stronger. I hope to continue to grow, and I feel pretty good right now.

Oh, also, someone told me that the Mission is going to change its name, so if I stay here I´ll still get my 3 missions. I don´t know if it´s totally true, but I heard it´ll change to the México Monterrey Apodaca Mission. I hope so. 3 Missions!

Yeah, it does mean that I´ll get mail sooner - every day it arrives for me (except Sundays?). I feel pretty good. Calm. I´ll have to learn how to do it, but it´ll be good. Elder López told me that they can use my way of thinking, my "don" (gift). It was nice of him to say it that way. I still have not received the package - hoping to find it waiting for me tomorrow.

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