Monday, February 25, 2013

Week #19-Nuevo Aurora-Baptism-Pain in the Eye

This week we did intercambios again, and on Tuesday it was my turn to remain in our area. This meant that I was basically the Senior Companion. It went pretty well. I was with Elder Brandeburg, who is a Zone Leader. It was a good experience, and although we didn´t teach very much, it was good. Plus, near the beginning of the day I ended up getting something in my left eye. It hurt. I tried to get it out, but was not able to. I wasn´t sure if it was a scratch on my eye, or if something still remained there. It hurt to blink, or to move my eye forward to look to the right, unless both eyes were closed or I applied some pressure to my eye. However, if I aimed my eyes to the left, I could blink without pain. It remained about this way for around two days, until we went to a doctor. It was there that my pain was alleviated. It turns out that I had a bit of iron in my eye. Very small, like a little grain. Possibly from the men working on the road nearby when the wind blew the thing into my eye. But, I´m better now. It was an experience to remember. And, I have part of a scripture to share as well:

Matthew 5:29 says - "And if thy [left] eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee..."

Alright, another good thing that has happened this week has been my experience with contacting people. We started talking to people en route to our areas. I´ve had some good experiences there. However, one time this week was a contact especially good. We had just had two appointments fall through, and we were going to the house of a joven in order to bring him with us if possible to some visits. But, Elder López thought instead to go to the house of an hermano nearby, and we did such. As we walked to his house, a man on a motorcycle stopped at the house across from us. After a brief visit with the hermano, to learn his schedule, a hymn, and a prayer, we left. The man was still there. We gave him a brief salutation, and rounded the corner. I stopped, and said something about talking with him. Elder López agreed, and we returned. We talked with him a bit, and set an appointment for tomorrow. Elder López afterwards told me "That was an inspired contact!" (in Spanish, of course). Everything fell in place, and it was nice to be an instrument in the Lord´s hands to contact him. I felt happy and good after that.

We also had a baptism, and it was my turn to perform the ordinance. It went well (with the exception that I didn´t bring a change of clothes, I only brought a change of shirt and the white pants) so I got to leave a bit wet, but it´s all good. It was a good experience. She is the mother of the first baptism we had together. It´s been pretty good this week.

Algo que olvidé en mi carta a la familia es cerca la nueva misión. Este miércoles aprendí de los cambios que ya vienen. La Misión Mexico Reynosa. De verdad, yo espero que me toca ir a esta misión. Si lo pase, yo voy a haber servido en tres misiones.

Things are going pretty well here in Mexico. I had a pretty good week. Oh! I forgot to talk about making tortillas de harina last Monday after emailing home. Yeah, it was with a mix, but I got to help roll them out. They were pretty good. So, that was a good experience to have. Elder López and I also got to help paint on Saturday and today. Things are going pretty well, and although right now I´m in civilian clothes, I was wearing your tie today, and every time I wear it I think of you.

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