Monday, February 11, 2013

Week #17 Nuevo Aurora (pictures!)

Sorry, this week the letter isn´t going to be very huge. Yeah, I know. I´ve been a bit of a slacker in writing back to you. Thank you for all of the love, and support, and prayers. Every night I pray for you. I´ll continue to try and do better with individual blessings for each of you. Part of the problem is I don´t know all of the things you each have to deal with, so it´s a bit general, but I do think of you and pray for you. I love you all!

This past week has been pretty good for me. Something I´ve told Mom, but not to all of you in any letter - I don´t like mole. Mom or Dad can explain what exactly Mole is, but it´s not that good. Anyway, no worries. I ate it yesterday. I also drank some Tamarindo, Dad.

Whenever I wear my red tie (it´s not blue or grey like my others) (such as right now) I think of you Mom. The "Ducky Tie" too. And Dad, whenever I wear your tie, I also think you you. And when I wear your coat, I also think of you. Thank you for being a good example for me. Thank you Mom for being a good example for me too.

Since I´m near the offices, I should really receive mail once a week if I have it. We´ll see what happens with mail, and how long it takes though. The pictures of the park are from where we went a few weeks ago, and it´s a place called Parque Fundidora. It´s huge. I took over... 200 maybe pictures there (Elder López took some of them). So, I have a lot of photos from there. It was an old factory. I think I´m tanning a bit too, being in the sun often.

Well, that´s all for now. Could I get the foreign address of Elder Casper, and the address to write Elder Thomas (MTC and foreign)? Thanks!

Take care! Talk to you later! Enjoy your week, love you!

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