Monday, February 4, 2013

Week #16 Nuevo Aurora - Baptisms

Elder López and I were studying about using the Book of Mormon in conversion of investigators, and after watching a video, I felt to share the opening part of Elder Shayne M. Bowen´s talk from this conference. He and his missionary companion were teaching a mother, and they were sharing Moroni 8:10-12. As they finished, she was sobbing, and asked if they had done anything wrong. She responded to the contrary, that she had lost a child, without baptism (the topic of the scripture), and the Spirit had testified that it was true, and that her guilt was swept away. He shared how a loving Father in Heaven had revealed true doctrine. As I shared this, I too wept. It was a good experience. It´s another reaffirmation, and will help me be strong.

This week I was blessed overall with the new food, the different-ness, strange-ness. On Tuesday, the hermana wasn´t there, so I could decide (without offense) not to eat a lot of some of the food, which was a blessing. The next day, we had food that I enjoyed. We had "Sopa de pobre" which was basically a soup like "poorman" or "cheese and sauce," and it was nice to have that bit of home. I liked it. So, that´s a good thing. Thank you for making "cheese and sauce" Dad. I was grateful to be blessed with this comfort from Our Heavenly Father.

We had another baptism this week, yesterday. I got to baptize the hermano, and Elder López the hermana. There were more people at this service, so that was nice. It was MY first turn baptizing someone we´ve taught, and my first time in Spanish too.

Well, my time is running short again. I´m going to upload a couple of pictures, and I´ll try to print off your first letter, Mom.

I love you all! Tell everyone "Hi!" for me.

Please send Andrew my regards before he leaves. Tell him to be happy, that he is in my prayers (MPSOE is - among others), and to enjoy his time. Tell him that I say "Hi" and if he sees Elder Casper, to tell him "Hi" from me too. Alright, I love you! Take care! Until next week!

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