Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week #15 Nuevo Aurora

This week I experienced my first "intercambios," or "companion exchanges" in English. The first was on Tuesday, and I went to a differente area with Elder A (3 Caminos II). It was a pretty good experience, and he´s a nice Elder - we might be companions one day, he has six months, I have three - and he also mentioned "campechanas" to me. Two days later I had the opportunity to go on a companion exchange with Elder C, one of our Zone Leaders, and worked with him for a day. That night we ate "campechanas." I liked it. It was a tortilla de harina (flour), trompo, beef, and I had some bites with pineapple, onion, and some green salsa. So, that was pretty enjoyable.

On Monday we went to ¨Parque Fundidora" which was an old factory, transformed into a park, and other stuff too - it was a huge park. Really big. Pretty nice too. This week we did not get a lot of numbers in our efforts. This coming week we´ll work to improve our numbers. Sorry that last week was so short of a letter from me. Once a week you get to hear from me, and I didn´t give you all very much.

This Sunday two of our investigators (a couple) had their interviews, and are going to be baptized the following Sunday. They´re the ones I mentioned earlier, the hermano who was like "I already know" or however he said it. I learned that my companion and I (and maybe the Ward Mission Leader) were going to speak during Sacrament Meeting. So, I wrote my talk (basing it around The Parable of the Prodigal Son mostly) about reactivation, and how we should all be supportive, and welcoming, and forgiving, like the father (and the Father) and not like the brother.

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