Monday, January 14, 2013

Week #13 Nuevo Aurora 2

Now... what I can I write home about? Well, some spiritual experiences off-the-bat:

Reading from the December 2012 Liahona there are a few articles that touched me this week - one is about a mom sewing a handkerchief for her daugther every year, and why. Another was about a little girl giving away a doll in an act of charity, and the relationship of that to the gift of Our Heavenly Father with His Son. There is one about a family who had just lost their baby, but the writer (the daugther) felt comfort from the birth of Christ and the resurrection. Another example of this same principle is an article about a girl who was uneasy and scared because a student she didn´t know, but still young, died and she was worried about that. She was at the Temple Square nativity (I believe) and near the end the prophet´s voice came on and read from 1 Corinthians 12... something "For wherein as all men die in Adam, even so in Christ shall all be made alive" or something like that, and she received comfort. Yeah, stuff about the atonement. I´d suggest reading these articles, maybe as a family tonight?

Sacrament hymns these past to weeks have touched me. We sang "I Stand All Amazed" last week, and "There Is A Green Hill Far Away" this week. Music has a power to touch us, doesn´t it? At least for me.

Speaking of music, today during cleaning we listened to my new album I bought at the MTC, the one of children´s songs, and the song "I Know That My Savior Loves Me" came on, then it was followed by the song "Faith," and third after that was "Children Holding Hands Around the World." Great songs. I´m grateful for the chances I´ve had to feel the Spirit of the Lord, for His mercy in permitting me to feel these things.

Now I´ll share about the letter thing. This is exactly how our Father in Heaven feels about us. He wants us to "keep in contact" with Him as it were. When we get back to Heaven, shouldn´t we desire to have a strong relationship with Him? Reminds me of the hymn "O My Father." I like that hymn. Also reminds me of a video we watched once in seminary. In this video, a soldier father returned home and surprised his son by dropping by his class. When the little kid saw his dad, he ran into his arms and sobbed. When we get back to heaven, that is going to be us. We are going to be so happy to be back home. We can maintain a strong relationship with Our Father by praying, and keeping the commandments too. But, the praying part was like the letters. He already knows what we´re up to, but He still likes to hear from us. When we feel His Spirit, or read the scriptures, it´s like when we get our letter from Him. His "I love you."

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