Monday, January 7, 2013

¡­­­Bienvenido a México!

México, Gaudalupe, Los Ángeles, Nueva Aurora 1

­ Hopefully things are going well for all of you. Me, I´m doing alright here in México. Right now we´re writing from a "ciber" or whatever, at least that´s the general name for places like this. We pay by the hour for our time here in the computer. Anyway, my schedule for emailing will be for about an hour each preparation day. We´ll probably head over and do it about the same time each week.

­ So, as I said before, I´m doing arlight here in México. It is a bit different, but it´s been good. My companion is named Elder Rafael ... L ... something. So, Elder L. He´s been out for about 18 months already, so he´s pretty experienced as a missionary. So far he´s helped me with some stuff, and we´re pretty much always speaking Spanish if we´re speaking, since he doesn´t know a lot of English. He knows some, but... So, that helps me improve my Spanish abilities. In fact, I am his first American companion. Yeah, after all of this time, he gets an American. So, we don´t have a ton in common, but we get along well enough. We should have plenty of time to form a strong bond as companions. He is a nice Elder, so that´s good.

When I arrived in México I was picked up by President and Sister Walker - they´re nice. They took me out to eat, then to the offices. I spent some time with the Assistants to the President, and we actually went and read from the Book of Mormon with a less active member who is trying to re-activate himself, or something like that. So, that was pretty good. Here, the Assistants to the President do normal proselyting work. They have other responsibilies, obviously, but they do work with investigators, so that´s good. I stayed the night at the offices, and joined up with Elder L the next morning.

So far we´ve taught... at least 4 or 5 lessons? And, we have 11 baptismal dates. One of those is from this week with me being in the mission. I actually extended the invitation, so, yeah. It´s been pretty good. It´s my second real lesson with a baptismal invitation, and my first "yes." So yeah, so far the work has been pretty good, and so has visiting with the members.

Before I continue, I´ll explain some of the things we use for travel. We usually either travel with "taxistas" in green taxis, or we take a "camion" - which is a bus. So, that´s how we get around, and walking of course.

Sunday was good. Of all the hymns we sang, only one of them exists in our English hymnbook. I liked hearing the different songs. During the sacrament hymn I got a bit emotional, so that was good. Testimony meeting was pretty nice too - some of the things that I understood I liked. One sister basically said, "If you can do missionary work, get through that, life is easy." Something along those lines. Afterwards we got to teach a class, because the teacher was not there. We taught about Heavenly Father, so that was good. I got to share some testimony stuff, and it was pretty good. Then we had priesthood. Two of our investigators (a husband and wife) attended church this week. Maybe another? Anyway, it was good. Later that night we went with them to a member couple´s house. They want to be baptized, but have things to overcome. I like them. One thing the husband said was (in response to the statement by Elder L that three families from an area attended church) that "It´s going to be four." He also said, in response to a member, "I know it´s true." So, that was good.

So, our apartment is just for the two of us. I have some pictures for you. We have two bathrooms, with warm water. We have little heaters to warm us up.

So, how is everyone back at home? Are you all doing well? That reminds me, President Walker said it´s best to just mail the Mission Offices, so that´s what we´ll do. That means I will only receive mail every 6 weeks or so, by paper. It´ll depend on my area, but yeah. So, I´m doing alright. If you could pray for me to really enjoy my time here, be happy, and gain a strong testimony, I´d appreciate it. I did receive those letters you sent through the pouch, so thank you for those. What else should I say? Spanish is going alright, I´m not perfect, but I´ve received compliments.

I hope that everyone is doing well, and is happy and safe. I love you all.

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