Monday, December 10, 2012

Week #8

Alright. So, today I received some news as to my traveling arrangements. Last week we received our "Travel Plans" and we were all (except Elder Ch) set to leave on the 17th of December to Mexico. However, VERY recently - less than an hour ago - Elder H and I learned that there were problems. We went to the Travel Office and learned new information. Everyone is staying at the MTC as of now to wait, except for Elder B and ME, who will be reassigned temporarily this week. They said that "Thursday evening" or so, I should know where I'm going. I may or may not still be leaving on Monday. We shall have to wait and see.

Just like Dad about 22 years ago, I am going to be reassigned (probably) before making it to my final, permanent Mission. So, that's going on. This means that any family packages, since everything is up in the air, should be sent to make it here before the weekend. Next time I get the opportunity to write home, I will let everybody know what's going on with my new plans. Whatever happens, the Lord's hand is directing it. The Lord is shaping us, guiding our course, and in charge of everything. So, that's the traveling news. If I had written anyone an hour ago, I would have said I was going to Mexico on Monday, but, now we all know better.

Now, as for this week, it has been hard - with good moments too. However, as I have had these challenges this week, praying for more charity, patience, and help, the Lord has blessed me. The struggles which I have had this week have helped bring me closer to the Lord. Sometimes we forget to rely on Him as much as we should. This Sunday I had good experiences: Elder H and I were one of the companionships which was to give a lesson this week. The topic was "Faith in the Atonement." The Atonement is more than Christ suffering for our sins, and our infirmities, and our sicknesses, and so on; the Savior's Atonement is a gift which gives us the help of the Lord's GRACE. "His Grace is sufficient for all things" I feel might be somewhere in the scriptures, but I don't know where. However, the point is that His GRACE, and the ATONEMENT are there to always help us, lift us, and enable us to do things which we cannot do. I've shared this week multiple times about Corrie Ten Boom's experience with forgiveness - it was talked about recently in conference, and I read the book about her (written by her?) also. I also talked about the Pioneer woman quoted and spoken of by Sister Linda K. Burton in the Relief Society meeting. When I was reading from her talk, I got emotional. Another thing I talked about, I learned about in my Priest's Quorum from Brother Gilliam I believe. The Savior and Our Father do not love us because of what we do, although sometimes He and Heavenly Father are pleased with our actions, but they love us DESPITE what we do. They love us perfectly.

We are NEVER, EVER alone, if we rely on Him. I was having some moments of sort of self-pity or self-righteousness, or whatever, this week (yesterday too). And some worries. However, everything is fine. I am here, experiencing these things. Another instance of His love showing itself to me, was when I had a song about His love in my head a bit, and the thought for the meal was something along the lines of, "Remember that the Savior loves you." After seeing that I walked into the cafeteria, heard my name, backtracked and saw Elder C [good friend from home] briefly. It was a blessing from the Lord. Really, we need to recognize His care for us in all that we do. For our Sunday Devotional, BYU Men's Chorus came and sang to us, and some of the members spoke of personal experiences. One shared about a family that walked two miles in the freezing cold (coldest day of the year, about 15(?) below 0 in New York) to come to Church, in relation to having an Eternal Family. This story, other things said, and some of the songs had me blubbering a bit - tears, etc. I was blessed to have a tissue (which I decided not to throw away earlier) to help me take care of myself. The Lord has truly blessed me. He loves me. He is there to help and care and comfort me. He is my Lord, my Savior, my Christ. Heavenly Father and the Savior are there for me. Although this week has been hard, I have felt gratitude for the Lord. He has blessed me. Sometimes we have struggles, so that we can turn to the Lord, learn, and grow.

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